Cross Country Season Review

In cross country, the running never gets easier, the athletes just get stronger. Over 70 FHS students participated in Cross Country this year; a non-cut sport that races 5ks (or 3.1 miles) against other teams. The rules are as simple as they come; run as fast as you can and finish the race. The boys and girls teams both did outstanding this year, with the boy’s team qualifying for state in the first time since 2012 and Junior Hailey Migliano qualifying individually. But excellence was achieved by all participants, who had all improved their times since the beginning of the season.

Girls Cross Country

The ladies’ season was one to remember, as everybody not only improved their fitness, but had fun. Being connected as a team was a major part of the season, as Senior runner Jensen Ritzow said, “My favorite part of this cross country season was being able to watch the younger girls grow as athletes. I didn’t want to focus on myself as much as I wanted to make sure that the rest of the team was having the opportunity to get better and have a successful season.” Just recently, the season came to a quick closing but the athletes went out with a bang. The JV team won 11th place out of 20 teams at the JV Finale, and the Varsity runners won 2nd at Conference and 3rd at Sectionals. Junior Hailey Migliano qualified as an individual for state, saying “my experience at State was much different from last year. It was still very thrilling and very rewarding.. [but it] taught me to appreciate my team because I never really realized how lonely it is without them.” She also said that she hopes the team as a whole can be more prepared for next season quoting, “Did we try hard this season? Yes we did. But in my opinion we got after it a little too late in the game.” The optimism will hopefully carry into next season so that the girl’s team will qualify for State once again. Congrats to all participants!

Hailey Migliano
Jensen Ritzow
Morgan Trinko
Jolene Mantoan
Hanna Helker
Janel Sweet
Demi Yoder
Tia Barney
Amanda Wachter
Therese Edwards
Brenda Wweet
Emily Koetting
Zoe Michlig
Cj Nielsen
Quinn Bachofen
Sydney Wieland
Alex Miller
Allison Marion
Carlee Kostowicz
Alyssa Ratkowski
Isabelle Jardas
Amanda Ferr
Isabellah Vondrasek
Mariah Veley
Jessica Iraci
Gattie Harmeyer
Elizabeth Kok
Meghan Gain
Megan Kleyheeg
Savannah Zello
Faith Hardy
Susanna Lai
Shaina Daquioag
Jordan Kostrzewa
Amy Asimi
Haley Pyan
Allison Frey
Sydney Pierangeli
Erica Hardy
Alaina Andersen
Abby Vanert

Boys Cross Country

The boy’s team also did an outstanding job this season, being able to qualify for State as a team for the first time since 2012. JV also finished the season strong, winning 4th out of 21 teams in their JV Finale race. Junior runner Joe Frisch attributed most of the team’s success to having more confidence in their running abilities, and hopes the same confidence will continue into next season for their future. Frisch described the experience of going to State as a challenge stating, “the course took a toll because there were many terrain changes. But once you started you couldn’t stop.” Even with the difficulty of the course, all the boys ran solid races and were proud to be dubbed the 16th best Division 1 Cross Country team in the state. Congrats to all participants!

Brady Snelson
Joe Frisch
Michael Gorman
Max Fassbender
Bryce Tome
Cale Pliska
Nick Tilley
Sam Nord
Joe Hasenstein
Ben Tarmann
Braden Schubring
Nathan Jessup
Conor Lancaster
Sam Doubek
Matt Moen
Josh Finnerty
Joe Hastenstein
Nate Hosp
Charlie Rydeski
Peyton Beyer
Ethan Rocha
Michael Riel
Aj Nowacki
Brian Bouton
Jacob Wheeler
AJ Catarozoli
Colt Hall
Robert Kaczkowski
Tymek Stanisz
Noah Selensky
Andy Stengel
Mason Pliska
Nick Hillstrom

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