Why the Ethnic Line is the Best Lunch Line

Have you ever been confused on what to eat in the cafeteria? Well, here is one secret on how you can decide which lunch to get everyday, no matter what the lunch is: Always go to the ethnic lunch line.

Currently at the high school, we have 4 lunch line options each day. Going in order from the closest to the Saber Center to the farthest, they are:

  • Burger lunch line
  • 2 normal lunch lines
  • 3rd normal lunch line (sometimes different lunch than other lines)
  • Ethnic lunch line

Even though all school lunches are usually about the same quality, there are a few factors that make the ethnic lunch line significantly better, and it is not only the lunch that makes it that way.

Most of the time as students enter the cafeteria the main 2 saber lunch lines are all the way back to the tray drop off cart. The ethnic lunch line, on the other hand, usually only goes out 2-3 people past the wall.

(Note – sometimes changes on days when ethnic lunch line has a popular food or saber lunch has an unsatisfactory food.)

The reason most people go to the burger line is because it has a line just as short as ethnic lunch line.

However, the main drawback of going to the burger lunch line is that it is ALWAYS BURGERS.

According to eatclean.com, eating the same food everyday is not healthy because doing so lessens the bacteria diversity in your gut. If you have a food other than those, your body has a harder time dissolving those foods in your stomach because they get more used to the food you ate everyday.

The ethnic lunch line, unlike the burger line, also has more cultural variety. The many different types of foods that are served in the ethnic lunch line usually come from different cultures, like Asian, Mexican, Italian, and sometimes even German. The burger line, though, always has just one culture: American. Yes, burgers come from Germany, but the way they are prepared for school lunches makes it American.

So, here are the advantages of the ethnic lunch line over other lines:

  • Short line
  • Variety in nutrients from food
  • Variety in cultures from food

Due to these reasons, the ethnic lunch line is the best lunch line option at our school.

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