The Saber Uproar 9/1-11/15

Please Note: All Saber Uproars from here on and from previous years will be available under “The Saber Uproar” tab in the main menu.

The Saber Uproar program allows teachers to nominate student who exhibit exemplary qualities within FHS.

Gonzales, Luis Keyes, Meghan I would like to nominate Luis for a Saber Uproar. In the first days of school, Luis went above and beyond to help a new to the district Freshman and a transfer student. Luis helped the new students to navigate the building, open their lockers, set up their lunch account, and even offered to help a student by putting some of his own money into their lunch account so that they did not have to skip lunch that day. It is so wonderful to see an upperclassman reaching out to help freshman and new students. Great job Luis!
Johnson, Mantese Kenny, Mrs. Mantese has been an amazing addition to our classroom when helping our students. He goes above and beyond and has a very special ability to connect with our students.

Thank you for all you do Mantese!!!!

Marz, Benjamin Heinevetter, Sarah Benjamin was very helpful and jumped right in to partnering up with a student needing extra help. He answered questions, guided the student, and was a great role model for his classmates. Way to go Ben!
Hamed, Mohammad (Mo) Mrs. Kenny Mo goes above and beyondwhen working with our students with special needs. He has an outstanding ability to help them and teach them to succeed. Thank you for all you do Mo. Your hard work is so much appreciated!!!
Dhawan, Daaman Mrs. Kenny Thank you Daaman for working so hard with our students. You work so hard and are so much appreciated by all of us!

Mrs. Kenny

Jahnke, Brandon Mrs. Kenny Brandon always goes above and beyond when helping others including his teachers and classmates. Excellent Job Brandon!!!

Mrs. Kenny

Holterman, Luke Doucette, Erin Luke has been a vital part of class discussion so far this year. His insights and willingness to participate have shown his dedication to academics. He is certainly a leader in class. He has truly been an asset to Multicultural Literature this semester!
Malik, Ish Kahler, Jess This student goes above and beyond when it comes to taking responsibility for her learning. In AP Government she shows hard work and dedication through extra studying, asking questions, etc… She is a great example of a dedicated student.
Thomas, Emma Schindel. Regina In Physics class Emma helped the teacher program some robots, saving the teacher a headache and giving up her own socialization time in the hall just to make her teacher’s day a little easier! Thank you Emma!
Raza, Nabeel Schindel. Regina In Physics class Nabeel went above what was asked of him and helped to program multiple robots, more than required, which made Mrs Schindel’s day so much better!
Raza, Nabeel Schindel. Regina In Physics class Nabeel went above what was asked of him and helped to program multiple robots, more than required, which made Mrs Schindel’s day so much better!
Wittenburg, Ethan Magyar, Christine I was leaving the building with a number of empty boxes that I was collecting for my daughter’s move. I was planning on making two trips to my car. Ethan opened the door for me and helped me carry the boxes all the way to my car. He did not know me, but he went above and beyond with his kindness, politeness, and helpfulness. I truly appreciated his help.
Holly, Jovan Wasemiller, Brandon At the end of class, a student dropped their water in the hallway. Jovan, without skipping a beat, quickly ran to the bathroom and grabbed paper towels to help me clean up the mess before students got out of their classrooms.

Jovan took initiative, and while most people walked away from the situation, Jovan went above and beyond to help out.

Patel, Kinjal Wasemiller, Brandon Kinjal is a student who always makes the classroom a better place. She is kind, hardworking, and is a positive influences on everyone around her. She shows up everyday ready to work, and even if she isn’t successful at something, she continues to work hard. She accomplishes new goals each week and then makes new goals for herself to achieve. She is a terrific student to have in class and her positive attitude makes everyone else around her have a better day.
Neumann, Kate Blanton, Crystal I would like to nominate Kate for taking responsibility for own success and asking meaningful questions in class each day. She has also demonstrated respect and encouragement to me as a teacher by taking time out of her day to thank me for answering her questions! When a student takes the time to encourage me, they deserve to be recognized for their kindness. Kate exemplifies Saber Pride!
Larkin, William Brown, Louis Billy got injured at work and instead of sitting out and doing nothing he has been very helpful with a special needs student in the weight room making sure he is safe and using proper technique.
Wudtke, Ty Bollis Sue Ty is an office aide in the Athletics office 1B. He keeps busy with Athletics work and is always willing to help in other areas of the office. He is very conscientious, efficient and has a great attitude. We are fortunate to have such a hard worker in the office.
Ivory, Nikko Doucette, Jim Nikko is one of those students who is fully engaged in class. He adds so much through his insightful comments and observations. I have learned a ton from this young man!
Merkey, Brianna Bisog, Noel Brianna exemplifies Saber Pride. She consistently shows responsibility, respect, and engagement in class. Brianna is always focused in class, makes great contributions to discussion, completes her work effectively and in a timely manner, and show respect to all students and staff. When Brianna completes her work and ensures that she understands the content, she moves on to help other students who are struggling. Brianna is a fantastic example of what it means to have Saber Pride day in and day out!
Szyczgielski, Julie Byrne, Cynthia Julie is my Teaching Assistant for one of the Lifeguard Training classes this semester. I cannot run this class without her. She is professional, mature, respectable. You would hardly know she is a high school student. She willingly works with students and gives appropriate, timely feedback as they learn to master the required skills to obtain their certifications. You go girl!
Gawlitta, Tyler Doucette, Jim Tyler went above and beyond to make sure that a fellow student had a positive experience in class. He was responsible for making another student’s day a lot brighter!
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