Academic Decathlon

The beginning of the school year is the beginning of the rest of your year. This is the time when you make friends, get into your routine, join sports and- most important -join clubs! Franklin has a variety of clubs to join, ranging from Anime to Mock Trial. There’s a particular club, however, that everyone seems to hesitate to join- Academic Decathlon. Why do people hesitate to join? They think they aren’t smart enough. Well, I’m here to tell you that even if you have a 0.0 GPA, you can still join!

The groups in which you compete are separated by your GPA, so you won’t be a Joe Schmoe competing against Einstein, himself. The groups are separated into three categories. The Honor category includes those whose GPAs fall into the 3.75-4.0 range, Scholastic is 3.0-3.74, and Varsity is 0.0-2.99. Again, even if you have a 0.0 you can still join the club. My point is, you don’t have to be a genius to join, you just have to have a passion for learning and, just a little, competing.

So, what do you do in Academic Decathlon? You compete! You do this by taking tests, giving speeches, and reading books. Sounds boring right? Wrong. Aca Dec is so much fun! You can compete against friends, and build up your skills. “I have so much fun working with my friends, and I’m so excited to compete against them!” Exclaims Katelyn McFadden.

You compete on certain topics, and try to get to nationals, which is when you know you’ve made it. This year, the topic is India, and nationals is in Alaska! We learn everything we can on India from Art to Economics. “As Americans we don’t know much about India, so in [Academic Decathlon] we learn all this valuable information about it, and it makes you feel accomplished.” Katie Harris explains. “And not only is the club fun, because you get to work with friends, but it looks good for college.” She goes on. There are so many positives to Academic Decathlon that many students miss!

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, contact Mr. Nettesheim at, or join us for a meeting! We meet everyday in Mr. Nettesheim’s room, C302, during resource.

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