Why Freshman Matter

Freshman, the word literally means a newcomer or novice and is often connoted with feelings of amusement, annoyance, sympathy or sometimes anger depending on who you are. Despite myths of freshman getting shoved into lockers or “Freshman kill day”, they actually play an important role in the ecosystem that is high school.

So, why DO freshman matter?

There are 3 main reasons why freshman matter (although not always in a positive way).

They are the future of FHS
The freshman of each school year will be the upperclassmen at one point. Does a freshman’s existence suddenly become justified once they hit sophomore status? Do you want seniors that are kind and helpful to everybody, no matter what grade they are in? Perhaps encouraging freshman instead of making fun of them will produce a more desirable atmosphere for underclassmen in later years. Likewise, freshman serve as a nostalgic reminder of the past and remind seniors of their humble beginnings.

They provide a scapegoat for upperclassmen
Without freshman, the high school experience wouldn’t be complete. Who would there be to boo at the pep rally? Who would the upperclassmen make fun of and blame when things go wrong? Who would gather in the main commons before resource and block everyone’s way? Besides, ou can’t play chess without pawns. Well you can, but it isn’t fun.

Just like all other students, they have valuable ideas and opinions that are sometimes better than upperclassmen’s.
Although freshman are younger, this doesn’t mean they can’t have good ideas. Some seniors make worse decisions than freshman at this school (ex: while many freshman are working hard to maintain good grades Seniors are slacking off). Mozart started composing at 3 and Picasso created a famous painting at age 8 proving that genius doesn’t wait to emerge until one has reached upperclassman status, it can occur at any age. Don’t be blinded by your own prejudice against someone’s age when considering their ideas. Freshman also provide refreshing viewpoints. “Fresh” out of Middle school they are still fairly innocent and see the world in a more childlike manner which adds diversity of thought to conversation. Freshman conversations are a nice change from the boring senior conversations about college and scholarship stress.

Bonus: From an economic standpoint freshman are important because they provide jobs for the teachers that teach freshman courses.

Although no argument is complete without a counter argument which this time comes from Senior class valedictorian Euvin Park. When asked why Freshman matter Euvin simply replied, “they don’t”. Freshmen don’t get discouraged though, your existence is still justified and you only have 23 months until you’re upperclassmen 🙂 And upperclassmen don’t forget, you were a freshman once.

2 thoughts on “Why Freshman Matter

  • November 3, 2015 at 10:51 AM

    I’m guessing this was written by a freshman?

    • November 3, 2015 at 3:12 PM

      I started to write it, but then our senior editor finished it because I ran out of ideas. (Due to me being a freshman.)

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