Rake Rush: Success!

On Saturday, October 24th, 98 NHS members participated in Rake Rush 2015.

Students signed up in groups for one of three three-hour shifts between 9am and 3pm to rake and bag leaves as well as transport them to the Department of Public Works’ recycling center. Each group consisted of one or more drivers and several companions, all of whom did their work with energy and enthusiasm. Each group was assigned a section of the neighborhood surrounding Ben Franklin Elementary to rake.

Prior to raking, each group was required to ask the home owners if they would like their yard to be raked and received their signatures. When asked if the labor NHS members provided was satisfactory, the homeowners responded with various comments including “YES!!!:)” “Awesome job!!!” “terrific!” and many other similar statements. Not a single homeowner declared the results to be unsatisfactory. A total of 37 yards were raked by the end of the event.

Overall, Rake Rush 2015 was a stunning success that could not have been accomplished without the incredible efforts of Franklin High School’s NHS members.

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