Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Still wondering what you should be for Halloween this year? The Saber Slate is here with our favorite quick and easy last minute costume ideas. We would also like to remind you to stay safe this Halloween and don’t go crazy with the candy!

-Remember those “zoo-pals” plates from when you were a kid? Tie a string around it , poke some eyes through, and go as your favorite animal.

-Be a stressed-out student: Just look around at how the seniors dress and you’ve got it.

-Take an old tee-shirt, write “go ceiling” and “we’re number one”, and go as a ceiling fan.

-Wear a mask. There are many directions you can go with this (Masquerade, Impersonation, Scary, Silly etc).

-Wear a suit and tie and be a politician.

-Be a Cat. Get a pair of cat ears from the dollar store and use eyeliner to draw on whiskers.

-Grab a bedsheet, pull out the sandals, and be a Roman.

-Be “Youtube”: dress in red with a white arrow on your chest.

-Be a “Selfie” or Self portrait: carry around a frame or instagram border and frequently pose

-Be the The Hulk, pre-gamma radiation by wearing a button-down dress shirt, khakis/dress pants and hipster glasses.

-Be a Bulletin board: Fave your friends cover you in post its and thumbtacks if you’re brave.

-Be Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec: Wear a fake mustache and a brown suit.

-Wear a Polo shirt, Khaki shorts and carry around a musical instrument and be “Danny P”.


Idea Credits: Josh Zielke, Hanna Helker, Euvin Park, Aaron Stengel, Charlie Pond, Annalies Kleyheeg, Grace Ramsden and Fiona Nutbeam

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