Ally Week

This week is ally week, a youth-led campaign encouraging students to be “allies” with the LGBTQ+ members of their community by standing against bullying, harassment and name-calling. This week S.A.G.E. is holding many fun events and spirit days to promote equality and acceptance.

Tuesday- Wear purple to show your support for equality between people of all genders. Blue is stereotypically a boy color, and pink is stereotypically a girl color, combined however they make purple. The equal gender defying supercolor

Wednesday- During lunch on Wednesday students are invited to sign a letter of the word respect in addition to receiving an ally sticker.

Thursday- Several different educational games will be held in the cafeteria during late start thursday to educate people about the LGBTQ+ community

Friday- Wear rainbow or tie dye to show your acceptance of everyone, plus colors are fun. 

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