Tennis Season Wrap-Up

The girl’s tennis team’s season recently ended with a fourth consecutive conference win as well as player Abby Lehman competing at State.

The Franklin tennis team’s season started in early August, just recently finishing in October.  A typical practice for the girls included about 20 minutes of warming up, followed by splitting up into singles and doubles groups where games or other drills were performed.  A favorite of the girls was Queen of the Court, in which players would verse each other, having to win 2 points in a row to get over to the “champs” side, playing until an ultimate queen was crowned.  Players worked to improve different aspects of the sport including their serves, speed and agility, and flexibility. Their hard work and efforts paid off as both the JV and Varsity won conference titles.

Junior Abby Lehman was able to qualify as an individual and participate in the WIAA State Girls Tennis Competition held at Nielsen Tennis Stadium in Madison, WI from October 15-17.

Lehman played the 13th seed, Sasha Semina, from Brookfield Central. Everyone who witnessed agreed the match was highly competitive, although Lehman lost with a score of 6-3, 6-0.  The match ended her season with a 17-14 record in singles.  Lehman described the experience as a step up from a typical tennis match stating, “The courts were set down lower than the observation area so all of the fans could see your match from a different point of view. This was very different from the rest of the rest of the season, where every match was just behind a chain link fence.”  

Lehman was already thinking about next season, wanting to improve her mentality, saying, “I want to focus on concentrating on my own play, and not worrying about the fans, the other team’s fans, the weather conditions, or my opponent.”  This goes to show that the tennis season may be over, but the lady sabers will continue to improve, so watch out for next year.  The girl’s tennis team is highly competitive and motivated, and I cannot wait to see what they bring to the court next year!

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