Anime Club

Do you have a deep appreciation for Japanese culture or do you just like watching cool videos? Either way anime club is for you. This club is all about watching, discussing, and appreciating the intricate art styles that are incorporated into this genre.

Don’t worry though, this isn’t like a class where there’s a substitute and you have to take notes on a video, this club is truly just about watching anime. Unless you enjoy taking notes on videos, in which case note take on. Sydney Engel, a member of anime club, states that “anime club is very laid back, most of the time it is simply watching anime and commenting on it.”

Some people may feel like they can’t join because they have no prior experience watching anime or don’t feel like they would be able to understand what’s going on, but don’t worry. Anime club requires absolutely no prior experience with anime, just an interest in it.

So if you want to watch cool shows with cool people, join anime club. They meet Tuesdays after school in room A111 near the gym. It isn’t obligatory that you attend every meeting, but it is recommended so that you don’t miss episodes.  

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