Saber Success Tutoring Center

With the start of a new school year means the Saber Success Tutoring Center has now reopened for the year! The tutoring center is just off the main commons area (in room B235).  Tutors are available everyday during resource (even during Thursdays and Fridays when there is late start).  Tutoring is available in all subjects, even in specific classes like FACE classes and Engineering classes.


What does a tutoring session look like?

In order to go to the tutoring center, you can schedule an appointment with Student Services or you can just walk in.  Walk-ins are perfectly acceptable.  Once in the tutoring center, you will be asked to sign in and what subject you want to work on so they can pair you with a tutor who specializes in that subject.  Once paired with a tutor, the tutoring session will begin.  It is important to note that tutors will not give the answers, but will guide the student to the answer.  The tutoring session is as long or as short as you want.

Can I still become a tutor?

Currently, tutors have been notified via email and are getting set up.  However, if you are interested in tutoring, you should consider applying to become a tutor next school year.


Finally, remember that asking for help is never a negative .  It shows that you want to understand the material being taught and shows that you want to improve upon your education!

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