Best Buddies- Making a Difference While Having Fun

Many clubs at Franklin offer different chances for showing off your personal skill set, and many help you make friends. One however is all about making friends. Best Buddies works to establish friendships between people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

This group does many great events from parties to baseball games in which the students involved develop strong and accepting connections. Some events they have done in the past have been going to waterparks, Brewer games and even tailgating before Franklin football games.

Everyone involved in the organization always has a great time and leaves with the knowledge that they can make a difference just by spending time with friends. The club’s adviser, Victoria Jensen, expresses that they are not only making a difference within the high school, but they are making a difference in the community.

Best Buddies also is campaigning Spread the Word to end the word. This campaign asks people to pledge to stop saying the R-word as a starting point toward creating more accepting attitudes and communities for all people. This word is often misused and has even been retired from the medical dictionary.

Best Buddies is a great organization that encourages lifelong friendships while having fun along the way. Check out their board by the Fish Pond or check out their website for more details of the awesome events held throughout the year. If you missed beginning of the year sign ups but still would like to join, visit their website or contact Victoria Jensen for more information.  


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