Win Big By Donation with the FHS Food Drive


FHS is sponsoring a food drive! If 500 items are donated, we will (possibly!)* have a pajama day the day before Thanksgiving break! The food drive runs from October 16th- November 16th so there is time for the food to be distributed to the food banks and shelters in Milwaukee for Thanksgiving. Canned goods, items like peanut butter and jelly, cereal and other non perishable food items are all accepted. Bins are located in the main office and near the main entrance.

This food drive is in support of the United Nation’s goal of eliminating world hunger by the year 2030, and was organized by the Model United Nations club. It’s a win-win situation when you donate; you win because you are helping your community, and you win by helping reach a goal that allows FHS a pajama day before break!

*Note: Pajama day/date of pajama day is still in the process of being approved by administration. We will keep you updated.

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