Your Guide to Fall

Happy October! The fall season is here and it brings many opportunities to hang out with friends and take a break from school, practice or work. The cool weather, changing leaves and the pumpkin sitting on your front door steps reminds us all that summer is over but fall is just beginning.

So what should you do this weekend? While you could just stay home, wrap yourself in blankets, and watch numerous episodes of Netflix(which sounds fantastic right now), you could always come to Friday football games and support the FHS Varsity football team! The varsity football team is definitely on a roll and the Friday Night Lights are great social events. You don’t even have to pay attention to the football team or halftime performances. Just bring a blanket, have a couple of bucks, and make sure to bring your phone so you can take a picture of you and your friend(s), caption it and post it on Instagram (to let everyone know you’re being social and all).

Franklin is fortunate enough to have a haunted house. The Hills Has Eyes is quite popular and admission is as low as $25. You could also try other haunted houses around the area such as Wisconsin Fear Grounds or even Fright Fest at Six Flags.

If you want to go on a hayride or apple picking with friends, check out Apple Holler or Awe’s Apple Orchard here in Franklin! The Elegant Farmer is also a great place and has pony rides, train rides and corn mazes.

Want a pumpkin to carve or pumpkin seeds for roasting? Go visit a pumpkin patch like Green Meadow or The Elegant Farmer or Swan’s pumpkin farm. (or go to Pick N Save or Sendiks, they have lots of pumpkins too)

If you’re up for some fall festin’ check out Autumn Harvest Festival or Oktoberfest. Autumn Fair already ended, but make sure to go next year!

Still bored or want more ideas of what to do this fall? Check out these Service Club fall opportunities here.

Or… make apple cider at home, jump in a leap pile, watch ABC’s Halloween movies, PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES or pumpkin spice anything, or visit Franklin’s Cinnamon and Cider Craft Fair (November 14th).

Make this fall not only your favorite, but a remarkable one too!


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