S.A.G.E. – A Way to Promote Equality in our School

It’s the turn of the 21st Century and America is progressing on acceptance and equality for all types of people. At our own school, S.A.G.E, is working to bring these principles to our school and our surrounding community. Sexual and Gender Equality is a fundamental concept that this organization is working to integrate into Franklin.
According to Hailey McCoy, the club’s president, their goal is to create a community within FHS that promotes tolerance and acceptance. S.A.G.E. works to educate themselves and others about the L.G.B.T. plus community in addition to creating an accepting environment where people of any classification can feel secure.
Recently this group has been planning on organizing many new events in addition to planning Ally week, a student organized action that has brought schools together across the country in protest of bullying and discrimination. Ally week tests students ability to be accepting and including of all sorts of diversity. Though the official Ally week was September 28 through October 2, 2015, that was during Franklin’s homecoming. While dates are unsure, it is estimated that Franklin’s ally week will be sometime late October.
S.A.G.E. invites you to participate in these events, as they make our community a better place. In addition, S.A.G.E. is an all inclusive group, meaning anyone can join. If you are serious about joining and curious about learning more, come to a Friday meeting. Only come if you are serious and respectful of the club. If you have more questions contact Hailey McCoy.
This post is part of our informational club series. If a club you are apart of is interested in having an article written please contact us at fhsnewspaper62@gmail.com

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