Weird But True Facts–Animals

Weird but true!

This week’s topic: Animals

Our world has a lot of strange animals, and here are a bunch of strange and weird facts about them.

Did you know:

  1. Did you know that bloodhounds can follow a scent that is 4 years old?
  2. Some reindeer migrate more than any mammals!!
  3. Some turtles can breathe out of their butts!! Gross but true!!
  4. The tongue of a Giraffe is so long it can lick inside its own ear.
  5. On average a Great White Shark has 300 teeth at any one time.
  6. Snails can’t hear you. They don’t have ears.
  7. Cows kill more people than Sharks. About 10 humans are killed by Sharks every year but nearly 100 people die each year from being stepped on by cows.
  8. Spiders have 8 legs and 48 knees.
  9. A shark’s teeth are normally replaced every eight days.
  10. Frogs sleep with their eyes open.
  11. Penguins can jump 6 feet in the air.
  12. A group of kangaroos is called a mob.
  13. Emus and kangaroos cannot walk backwards.
  14. Beavers can hold their breath for 45 minutes under water.
  15. Snakes can see through their eyelids.


These facts are all weird but they are all true. Animals are weird but they are a part of this world and this is our world, so we should learn more about our animals.


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