Homecoming Information 2015

*Updated with Homecoming Court

Please read the following important information about Homecoming.

2015 Homecoming Theme: Jungle

Homecoming Week Spirit Days

Monday – College Days

Tuesday – Decade Days:

         Freshmen – 50’s/60’s

         Sophmores – 70’s

         Juniors – 80’s

         Seniors – 90’s

Wednesday – Your Favorite Sports Team Day

Thursday – “Jungle” Day

Friday – Black & Gold Day

Homecoming Court


Adam Curtis, Brad Wieland, Louden Brown, Josh Devinger, Andrew Agresta, Michael Gorman, Ben Wachter, John Le


Arin Dokken, Jenna Carr, Julie Szczygielski, Erika Marion, Sarah Kraus, Jocelyn Krueger, Courtney Fernandes, Brianna fuller

Pep Rally: For those new to FHS, the Homecoming School Pep Rally will be held in the Gym at 1:40 on Friday October 2nd. EVERYONE must report to school at 7:20 and classes run on a shortened schedule.

Community Activities: Community Pep Rally and Parade on Wednesday September 30th at 5:30 followed by the bonfire at 8:30.

Powder Puff: The powderpuff playoff games will start on Tuesday September 29th after school (2:45).
Game: The Homecoming Football game is against Indian Trail on Friday October 3rd at 7 pm. The theme is Black and Gold. GO SABERS!

Dance: The Homecoming Dance is scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. in the FHS gym.

Tickets are $10.00 and sold in the office starting Monday, September 28th until 3:00 p.m. on Friday, October 2nd.  You MUST have your ID to get into the dance.

Tip… try not to buy your ticket right after school as there is usually a long line.

Any student bringing a guest who is not a FHS student must have the guest complete this Dance Guest Pass and present the completed form at the time of ticket purchase.

Another Tip… if you ask someone to go with you, buy their ticket, it’s the classy thing to do 🙂

Now for some sarcastic homecoming musings from TheNextBigThing. Read with caution.

It’s that time of year again kiddos. As someone who’s gone to 3 homecoming dances, I’ve come up with a few tips on how to survive and thrive. Freshmen listen closely now:

Here we go

  • Got rejected? Keep trying!
    • There are plenty of fish in the sea! Go ahead and ask numerous people on the same day! This will show them that you are a confident and optimistic person and will invariably result in them fighting for your affection.
  • Dress warmly
    • The dance floor gets very cold so you’ll want to come in layers. In fact, you might want to bust out that winter jacket, just in case.
  • Wear a fedora or “trilby”
    • An unspoken tradition, and perhaps the most important accessory to your homecoming apparel. If you don’t wear one you might as well leave, because nobody will speak to you.
  • Request lots of slow dance songs!
    • This is what everyone wants, and all the other garbage music that characterizes modern culture just gets in the way of people having a good time.
  • Make sure to dance with multiple partners! Don’t make your date think you’re being clingy!
    • Dance with him/her once then go around the room for random people! This is a great way to meet new people and your date won’t mind being left at all! They’ll probably need a break anyway.
  • Make sure you’re never alone for a slow dance
    • Teachers walk around and kick people out for loitering if they’re alone at this stage
      • If you need to, ask someone from among your best friends and dance. Make sure to stare deeply into their eyes the entire time! Don’t be afraid to throw in a few exaggerated winks or eyebrow raises!
  • Finally, and perhaps most significantly (like this is essential), go straight to the middle of the giant mass of people.
    • This is a great way to experience cultured, wholesome fun in a pressure-free group setting! Ample personal space is available in this part of the room!

Those were my sage words of wisdom, kids. Follow them to ensure yourself a good homecoming experience. 😉

Have fun FHS!

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