Welcome Back FHS! Here’s to a great year.

The Saber Slate staff welcomes you back to the 2015-2016 school year!! We know it will be a fantastic year of learning, friendships and fun! During the summer the Saber Slate underwent some renovations, we hope that you enjoy the updates and new format.¬†Please let us know what you think of The Saber Slate’s new look in the comments below.


Some highlights of the new format include:

-Events Calendar in the right sidebar and Upcoming Events section (If you have an event that you would like to have added to The Saber Slate please email it to us at fhsnewspaper@gmail.com (from a personal email) or chr.ramak@gmail.com (from your school email).

To use the calendar simply hold your cursor over dates to see events on that day or click on the day to go to a page with more information on the events for that day.

-A new inspirational quote and fun fact every day in the right side bar

-Button to follow us on Twitter

-Updated Saber Roar Episodes page. New episodes will be posted on the home page throughout the year and will be saved under The Saber Roar > Saber Roar Episodes> Current Saber Roar Season

-Search bar within the top navigation menu

-Important pages linked for your convenience at the top of the right side bar

-News and School Store Site and Powerschool

-Scrolling banner with important updates throughout the year

-WMobile supported

-Countdown in the right sidebar that will countdown to important events

-Popular posts column alongside recent posts

-Date in the upper left hand corner

-Updated Clubs page under activities that lists information about all of FHS’s Clubs

-Updated Contact Us Page that allows you to submit article and poll ideas and comments  Contact Us Page

With all that being said as it is a new school year the Saber Slate is seeking individuals interested in any of the following:

Writing articles, taking photos, drawing comics, working on website design, helping with publicity and other journalism club type things. If you are interested in joining the Saber Slate team please contact Mr. Nettesheim (kevin.nettesheim@franklin.k12.wi.us or Chrissy Ramakrishnan (chr.ramak@franklinsabers.org). Also stay tuned for more information about a new members meeting (ice cream will be provided).


Let’s make the 2015-2016 school year a great one!


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