Why I Miss the A+

If you remember back to elementary school, I’m sure you can remember at least one time getting that A+ and being super excited, unabashedly sharing your accomplishment with your friends in class as they glared back at you.  Still, we all probably miss this smug feeling of superior accomplishment; it was the closest thing to perfection you could achieve (although we were always told there was no such thing as perfection).

So, why not bring back the A+?  Of course, high school isn’t as easy as elementary school, but wouldn’t that make the A+ even more rewarding?  Instead of being a symbol saying that you did what you were supposed to do, like the regular “A,” the A+ would symbolize that you went above and beyond what was expected.  Perhaps we could even have an accumulation system of A+’s, where if you collected enough of them you could get out of a homework assignment, project, or quiz.

The A+ is not just a sign of correctness, but a sign of accomplishment that goes above the standards set.  It shows that you were so invested in your work that you went far above, not just the rubric’s expectations, but your teacher’s expectations as well.

So, when we’re all feeling our enthusiasm lacking, why not bring out that little addition to push you forward?

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