You’re Invited to the FHS Entrepreneurship Product Expo

Who: All FHS students, administrators, and teachers are invited to view and purchase the 2015 FHS Entrepreneurship business’ products


The Following Businesses Will Be on Display:

Frank Flops: Flip Flops (Various Colors) $6

Go with the Flow: Flow Bands $3 or 2/$5

Headphones Galore: Earbuds $5

iBrowse: Phone Chargers $5, Aux Cords $5, Portable Phone Chargers $10

Jabers Selfie Sticks: Selfie Sticks $20 or 2/$30

‘Merica, Unlimited: American Flag Crew Socks $10 and American Flag Sunglasses $5

Rope Charger Cords: Phone Chargers $5

‘Smentrepreneurship Smencils: Scented Pencils $1.50 or 4/$5

SIPS: Colorful Tumbler Cups $5

Sweeties Goodies: Various Gift Baskets $10+

Where: FHS Main Commons Area

What: To display and sell the business’s products and to educate about the charities 50% of the profits will go towards.

When: May 19th and 20th during Resource (7:15 am- 8:00 am)

Why: To provide FHS Entrepreneurship students with business experience. 50% of each business’s profits will also be donated to either the Hope House of Milwaukee or UNICEF’s disaster relief for Nepal Earthquake victims.


Please consider purchasing products at this exposition to help make a difference and to support your Franklin High School businesses!!

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