2015 Prom Court

2015 Prom Court (in no particular order)

Zach Baudry
Max Fassbender
Sean Luangpraseuth
Ben McCarthy
Andrew Niemiec
Daniel Park
Brandon Pederson
Ryan Simmons
Sam Ruetz
David Zakrzewski
And in no particular order, your girls are:
Jordyn Dutkiewicz
Amanda Ferr
Annelise Grabowski
Carly Graverson
Miki Kobayashi
Rylie Kyhn
Brittney Lincoln
Zoey Michlig
Hailey Miller
Demi Yoder
(The king and queen will be announced at Friday’s pep rally.)

One thought on “2015 Prom Court

  • April 27, 2015 at 1:17 PM

    Ya Euvin! Euvin Park for prom king!

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