The Saber Uproar Volume 2 Number 4

Every week students are nominated by their teachers due to their hard work in and out of class. Check out the Saber Roar to see who wins the uproar each week.

* Indicates UpRoar winners


Awan, Simrah* Dryer, Paula Simrah consistently does well in class because she completes all assignments, studies for all quizzes and tests, seeks help when necessary and is extremely kind and helpful to her classmates.
Rilling, Betsy Dryer, Paula Betsy is a hard working, kind, and positive student always willing to help others and take care of her own grades at the same time. She is a pleasure to have in class.
Wachter, Ben Jensen,Victoria Ben is an extremely responsible and caring student who has been a fantastic peer mentor for Life Skills 2a. class. He is outstanding with all the students and is successful in encouraging them to do their very best and work to their potential. I am honored to know him and notice that this effort of his is evident in all of his classes, sports and clubs.
Boots, Dakota Gehrke, Sue Dakota tends to become frustrated and give up easily when assignments seem too difficult. He has overcome his feelings of inadequacy in class to accomplish what he has never done before. Nice work Dakota!!!
Sarah Melcher Nemovitz, Benjamin Sarah is such a great student to have in class. I am nominating her because of her consistency of turning work in on time, participating in class, and having a positive attitude. Also, she frequently works with other students who are having difficulties in class to help explain concepts. I feel lucky to have her in my Spanish class.
Neumann, Sarah* Nemovitz, Benjamin Sarah (Alicia) is one of the most driven students that I have the pleasure to teach. She always completes work on time, is very vocal in class, and always attempts to communicate to other students and with me in Spanish. I know that because of her drive for success she will be very successful in Spanish (or anything that she puts her mind to) in the future. Thanks Alicia!!
Pangga, Inna Nemovitz, Benjamin Inna (Isabel) is one of the kindest and cheeriest students that I have this year. I have known her for two years and in those two years I have never seen her be curt with others. No matter what situation arises she handles it well and keeps a smile on her face. This is a very important skill. Also, she maintains a very high grade through consistently turning work in on time, adequately preparing for tests and quizzes, and participating in class. Nice work Isabel!
Karbouski, Akeera Nemovitz, Benjamin Akeera (Natalia) would be the first to tell you that she has, in the past, had troubles with Spanish. However, she has completely turn things around and is doing very well in class. She has shown persistence at learning the language and more importantly understanding metacognition. She now knows how she learns best and uses those strategies to succeed. Keep up the great work Natalia!
Hennig, Kristina Nemovitz, Benjamin Kristina (Cristina) has put in so much work this year to succeed. She often stays after school and works with me/other students to ensure that she is successful in class. She is also a student that advocates for herself. If she does not understand a concept, she inquires about extra learning opportunities. This is not common and will allow her to have successes moving forward. I am proud of the work that she has put in this year. Great job Cristina!
Ignatowski, Nina Nemovitz, Benjamin I have been lucky enough to teach 3 Ignatowski girls in my two years in Franklin. I was hoping that Nina would have a similar personality and similar abilities as her sisters do. I was not disappointed. Nina is a very smart, enthusiastic, and consistent student. She always completes her work on time, studies hard for class, comes to class prepared every day, and most importantly, volunteers in class. She helps to take a very quiet class and turn them into a class that communicates. Thank you Nina!
Versnik, Emily Luttig, Diane In my Business Essentials class and in Resource I find that Emily is one of those students whom you look forward to seeing each day. She is positive, helps others, has a sense of humor, and wants to learn as much as she can.
Lorenz, Vincent Nemovitz, Benjamin Vincent (Carlos) is such a neat kid. He is a foreign exchange student from Germany. That right there should tell you a little bit about him. He is not afraid to take risks. This is a successful way to learn another language, like Spanish..or English. Many times I have drawn from his experiences, as they are different from those of our students. He is a solid student who completes work on time and he is a student who does not fear difficult situation. Danke Carlos!
Shohoney, Trevor Doucette, Erin In a graded discussion last week, Trevor realized that another student was not participating. He made sure to attempt to draw that student into the conversation, so that he would be able to get credit for his participation. It’s nice to see another student care not only about their own participate and grade, but about the participation and grade of another student who isn’t even a friend of his.
Biggs, Rebecca* Karolewicz, Mr. Awesome student in American Pop Culture. Made the experience more enjoyable for all who worked with her. Great leader, great thinker and an even better person. Glad to have had the opportunity to work with Rebecca.
Geirach, Sidonia Doucette, Erin Sidonia is a model student in my Multicultural Literature class. Her written and spoken responses are insightful and impressive. Most notably, Sidonia has not missed an assignment all semester. Even when she has been absent, she has made a point to make up any work she missed in a timely fashion.
Stokes, Jessica Nemovitz, Benjamin Jessica (Clara) is such a breath of fresh air. She is so positive and so smart. I always see her helping the students around her. Every time we have moved seats I have noticed students around her participating more, feeling more confident, smiling more, and just generally enjoying Spanish more. She is also a very consistent student who constantly asks great questions. Having a student like her in class in amazing. Thank you Clara!
Tobin, Brianna Doucette, Erin Brianna is an excellent student in my Honors/Pre-AP Comp and Lit class. She positively participates on a daily basis and goes above and beyond what is expected in every assignment that she completes. She is a leader among her classmates. She even won the “Spooky Story” contest that the library held in October!
Miller, Blayr Lester, Laura Blayr is ambitious and conscientious. She stays on task, gets her work done on time, and is always willing to help others around her.
Brown, Louden Karolewicz, Mr. Great to have in American Pop Culture. Louden values the process of learning and as a result made the most of every learning opportunity. He is a great classmate to others because he takes the time to give thoughtful feedback and share experiences. He was a daily positive influence in the class.
Graverson, Carolyn Lester, Laura Carly is conscientious, stays on task, works well independently, and competes work on time.
Nichols, Matt Karolewicz, Mr. A star Two World Wars student. Always willing to participate and model experiences created learning opportunities for others. Wealth of knowledge on the topic. Great to have in class.
Burant, Kayla* Lester, Laura Kayla takes responsibility for getting work done on time and works well independently.
Markandy, Nimmi Karolewicz, Mr. Great student and great person. Effort was 100% all the time and performance was outstanding. Pleasure to have in class.
Shohoney, Trevor Lester, Laura Trevor recognizes what he needs to do to be successful in class and takes responsibility for achieving that level of success.
Ramakrishnan, Chrissy Lester, Laura Chrissy takes responsibility for her learning and continually strives for excellence. She completes her work on time and is always willing to help others. She is an outstanding student!
Martens, Marissa Nemovitz, Benjamin Marissa (Marisol) is such a pleasure to have in class. She is very positive, she always participates, and she really understands the material. The questions that she asks are in depth questions that can lead to deeper thinking for the class or a better grasp of the material. I was so happy to have Marisol back on my roster this year because I have seen the positive impact that she can have on a class. Muchas Gracias Marisol!
Tobin, Brianna Lester, Laura Brianna is creative, ambitious and conscientious. She challenges herself to do exceptional work on every assignment!
Stueck, Joey Guderyon, Margaret Joey is on task during class and has his work done with 100% effort. He is always in a good mood and is sure to tell me to have a good day as well. It’s a nice way to start out A days. Thanks Joey!
Johnson, Austin* Karolewicz, Mary Austin Johnson is a freshman student who I support in several classes. Like many freshman, Austin was not quite ready for the increased rigor of high school. He told me that the first 6 week grade report served as a “wake up call” and set his mind to change his study and work habits, and in some cases, personal interactions, to reflect his abilities and desire towards personal success. I have watched his progress over the first semester. More often than not, Austin comes prepared with readings/assignments, is better organized, participates in class discussions and has made concerted efforts to engage in timely preparation for tests. When assigned work in class, he utilizes the time available to ask clarifying questions and/or accomplish the task at hand. Over this first semester, I believe that Austin has persevered in accomplishing his goal, has shown academic and personal growth and is deserving of Saber Roar recognition.
Iljazi, Alit* Dickmann, Amy Alit has a really positive attitude in biology class. He is always willing to help other students and works very hard to do his best. I really appreciate his graciousness to help out a student who was having trouble in class the other day and explain things to him.
Smith, Mitchell Drobot, Steve Mitchell was extremely helpful during an injury in the weight room. With his help, the student injured received timely medical attention. Mitchell’s natural instinct to help proves that he is an outstanding person. Thanks Mitchell!
Sopiqoti, Yvey* Drobot, Steve Yvey was very helpful when a student was injured in the weight room. He followed my directions nicely and contacted the office for help. Thanks Yvey for being a huge help!
Smith, Ellisa Drobot, Steve Elisa helped calm another student in class who was having a tough time dealing with a situation. Elisa was very patient, communicated clearly, and showed compassion towards this student. This proved how nice of a person she really is. Thanks Elisa!!!
LeCleir, Jeremy Drobot, Steve Jeremy is a student aide for weight training and does a great job helping out special needs students. One of the students was injured in the weight room and Jeremy did a wonderful job doing whatever he could to help. Jeremy is a stand up guy and has gained lot of respect from the PE department.
Biggs, Emily* Business department (Lester, Zomboracz, Luttig) Emily has been a tremendous asset to the success of the school store. Her commitment to spending extra hours outside of school has been so appreciated.
Osep, Mike* Johnsen, Brandon Mike has been a fantastic Phy Ed Aide for my 2B classes both first semester and now second semester. He is an asset to the class!
Ramakrishnan, Christi Schindel, Regina Christi is always a great Lab Partner in Physics class. She does a great job leading her groups.
Wiarek, Madison* Schindel, Regina Madison is always a great Lab Partner in Physics class. She does a great job leading her groups and is always striving to work towards a deeper understanding in Physics!
Sopiqoti, Yvey Schindel, Regina Yvey is always a great Lab Partner in Physics class. He does a great job leading his groups and is always striving to work towards a deeper understanding in Physics!
McGuire, Brianna Schindel, Regina Bri is always a great Lab Partner in Physics class. She does a great job leading groups and is always striving to work towards a deeper understanding in Physics! She will always participate in group discussions and help others understand physics better!
Rongholt, Logan* Wiedenhoeft, Robert Since the start of second semester, Logan has become more positive and consistent in his class work. He has taken ownership of his learning, and he is reaping the rewards. His growth as a student and as a learner is unrivaled. Keep it up, Logan!
Biggs, Emily Luttig, Diane Emily has put in a lot of time and effort in getting The Roar Store up and running. She has creative ideas, is extremely reliable, and works well with her peers.

Emily is a valuable asset to The Roar Store and is always willing to go the extra mile!

Litinski, Amelia Karolewicz, Mr. Awesome AP Psychology student. Asks questions, attends review sessions and performance is off the charts.
Clapper, Casey* Karolewicz, Mr. Awesome APC student. Had Casey in Psychology and TWW and have him again in APC. He is a great thinker and a model student. He works well with others and is a seeker of knowledge. Top notch

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