Saint(s) Valentine

imagesValentine’s Day is fast approaching, and everyone is preparing for romance.  But, have you ever wondered where this holiday’s name even came from?  I mean, there was a Saint Valentine.  But who was he?  Well, it turns out, who were they?  There are currently around eleven Saint Valentines on record (and lady, Valentina) – yet, it’s still unknown why they were even saints – except perhaps for their martyrdom.

The only remote connection Saint Valentine (one of them) has to romance is when he married couples simply so the husbands wouldn’t have to go off to war.  And, turns out, he was killed for that too.  In another story, he left a jailer’s daughter, whose blindness he healed, a note written “your valentine” before his execution for refusing to sacrifice to pagan gods (he dies in all the stories, sorry).

Still, despite the lack of romance in the tales of the many Saint Valentines, there is love involved.  In every story, Saint Valentine literally gives his life for what he loves – whether that be his faith or the happiness of others.  Isn’t his sacrifice love enough?

So this Valentine’s Day, celebrate the people who are willing to be there for you no matter what – no matter who they are.  Celebrate those friends who sacrifice for you (hopefully not as much as Saint Valentine), because they’re the ones who will always be there.  Have yourself a regular “Gal”entine’s Day / “Pal”entine’s Day (I’m sure Valentine won’t mind the play on words).

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