Stage Crew


With a new auditorium comes a new club – stage crew.  This club ensures that everything is working properly on and off stage and is especially useful during performances.

The stage crew meets everyday from approximately 2:45 to 5:00 to do training sessions.  Anyone can attend these meetings, but only the people who attend often are able to operate the machinery.  In attempt to keep the auditorium functional, Mr. Kraus is strict on these rules.  In the training sessions members learn to fix the microphone, set up the stage, set up the orchestra shell, use the curtain, and adjust lights and sound.  These skills are essential to putting on a show.

The stage crew will help out with the technology of the performance during the fall play, spring musical, and concerts taking place in the auditorium.  They also do outside performances like operating the stage for Next Step Dance Studio, and for various speakers that come in.

The stage crew is an essential part to a successful show.  If you are interested in joining stage crew, contact Courtney Johnson or Mr. Kraus, who are in desperate need of more crew for this year’s musical show.

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