Furniture Fun

FHS has an abundance of new furniture due to the recent remodeling. But what of it is actually comfortable and functional? Here are some of FHS’ most exciting additions and their ratings (on a scale of 1-10).


 1. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Pizza Desks’. They also come in a lefty edition.



Comfort Rating: 10

These chairs are as good as it gets when it comes to classroom furniture.

Function Rating: 4

Your precious chromebook doesn’t even balance on this ‘desk’.






2. The area at the bottom is better than the wire racks on the normal desks, and there is plenty of workspace. Good for righties and lefties. Overall, a solid piece of furniture, and perfect for subconscious spinning.

Roller Desks

Comfort Rating: 6

Function Rating: 8









3. These chairs can be a struggle sometimes when you attempt to sit down and the chair slides out of the way, making you almost fall over. You can easily adjust how far away you are from the table, though, which is an added perk.


Comfort Rating: 6

Not as comfortable as a cushioned chair, but still better than a normal desk.

Function Rating: 9








4. A favorite among teachers and students alike. The height of these seats can be adjusted, and they are easily moved around the room. However, they are also very easy to fall off of.

Tipsy Chair

Comfort Rating: 7

Function Rating: 7









5. These chairs are much like the basic chair above, however, they don’t roll, and instead have a cushioned seat. They are a bit more rare a find than the rolley chairs, though.

Chair chair

Comfort Rating: 8

Function Rating: 10









6. The stairstep, zigurat thing in the main commons area is awkward to get comfortable on, unless you’re a 10 year old playing ‘king of the hill’. However, it fosters creative thinking, as there are many ways it can be used.


Comfort Rating: 6

Function Rating: 5









7. This chair can be found in the literacy lab/tutoring area. It’s just your average chair, but taller, to suit the standing height tables.

High Chair

Comfort Rating: 6

Function Rating: 10









8. Sofas at school? Yes please. They are found in the main commons area but not in the upstairs commons area. They allow for easy access from both sides, allowing people to sit facing different directions.


Comfort Rating: 10

Function Rating: 10

Perfect to nap on 😉








9. These chairs are another feature of the main common’s area. However, there are other stronger contenders for comfy furniture to sit on in the commons area like the sofa, which is better for napping.

Big Chair

Comfort Rating: 8

Function Rating: 9









10. SATAN HIMSELF. These chairs (also desks with the chairs) are the cause for numb butts and back pain in students everywhere.










Let us know in the comments below which piece of furniture is your favorite new addition to FHS.






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