Construction: The Final Frontier

Now that construction of the new art rooms has been completed, construction is beginning in the old art rooms.  However, there have been some crazy rumors about what exactly is going on behind the drywall…so I’m here to set the record straight.  Talking with Mr. Nowak, I learned that there are 3 different construction projects going on in that area.

The old choir/orchestra room will become a multi-purpose room.  Like the old multi-purpose room, this space will host activities such as Mrs. Byrne’s dance class, different after-school activities, and rehearsals.

For those of you that remember Mr. Erlandson who left last year (sorry freshman), his room is becoming a collaborative space.  Similar to the loft area by the new english and history rooms on the 3rd floor, this area will be a 3 tiered open space for students and staff to utilize.

However, the biggest change to the back hall area will be the changes to the old T.V. tech rooms and art rooms.  The T.V. tech rooms and other classrooms down that side of the hallway are going to become engineering rooms.  New designs for these classrooms will give students more workspace for hands-on activities and computers.  This space will give Project Lead The Way classes a place to learn that is specialized to their needs.  Similarly, the old art rooms will be turned into physics classrooms.  They, too, will get more space, as much of the physics curriculum involves experiments.

Noticeably, the common trend throughout all of the construction being done is that similar classes and departments are being grouped together.  The ‘Orange Hall’ and 3rd floor contain the english and history classes while the ‘Blue Hall’ holds math classes.  Freshly painted purple, the new art rooms have been grouped with T.V. tech, while the music rooms are all located near the auditorium.  Now that the engineering classes and physics classes are being paired together and relocated, it seems that this new organization, by subject, will make the school more uniformed and easier to navigate.  However, this theory will have to be tested next year with the incoming freshman.

Currently, the construction of areas in the back hall is scheduled to be completed in January.  So, while right now that side of the school seems empty and neglected, these new renovations will hopefully give the area new life.

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