Fall Play Review

On November 13th, 14th, and 15th, some of your fellow FHS students put on a play entitled Any Given Day.  Set in New York City, the play consisted of two acts, with eleven scenes in total.  Each scene told the story of different people (ranging from two to six performers per scene) as they experienced life: pivotal moments, important actions, regretful decisions, etc.  Each skit was aimed towards either teaching the audience a valuable lesson, or showing the audience an emotionally saturated moment.  Some skits brought laughs, others brought tears, but all-in-all the performance was interesting, quirky, and very enjoyable.

The students’ acting was quite becoming to the play.  Emotions conveyed ranked a 211 on the Kristen Stewart scale, and a roof-shattering 9,001 on the Keanu Reeves scale (in other words, bravo).  Even in the most serious scenes, actors’ and actresses’ deep involvement with and enthusiasm for the program was evident, while their flow from line to line was spectacular.  If any lines were forgotten, it was unnoticeable.  If any lines were improvised, they worked perfectly.

The stark contrast between the play’s serious portions and its comical ones was, admittedly, a bit extreme.  This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if anything made the flow of the play’s presentation a bit awkward, it was this.  For those of you who did not see the play, here’s an example: serious-“Distracted by the morning’s argument, Paige was hit in the street and died.”; comical-“I noticed you’re Caucasian. Do you enjoy it?”

And of course, a great addition to the play this year was the improved sound quality and viewing experience offered by the new auditorium.  The inclined seating made sure that, even from the back, no one’s view was obstructed, and the new equipment didn’t have any minor malfunctions.  The new venue really added to the experience.


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  • December 3, 2014 at 10:32 AM

    Honestly, that was the best fall play ever!

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