The Saber Uproar Volume 2 Number 1

Every week students are nominated by their teachers due to their hard work in and out of class. Check out the Saber Roar to see who wins the uproar each week.


Grube, Kaylee Krysiak, Aaron Kaylee took it upon herself to help out a fellow student during group work time. She made a big difference in that students learning.
Rathkamp, Joe Schindel, Regina Joseph helped Mrs Schindel move and organize lab equipment during a time he could’ve been doing other things.
Baker, Andrew Schindel, Regina Andrew helped organize Mrs. Schindel’s lab equipment in her new classroom and move the equipment during his own free time.
Granrath, John Officer Paprocki John Granrath and Brandon Harris found and turned in a cell phone that was lost by another student on 10/08/14
Chang, Christopher Cowell, Amy and Zeka, Abbe Chris has made several positive changes in both his attitude and behavior and his grades are showing it. He is advocating for himself when he needs help from teachers and he is effectively using his time in resource to ensure he does not fall his core classes. We are very proud of the choices he is making and excited to see him succeed in school! Keep it up, Chris!
Harris, Brandon Officer Paprocki Brandon Harris and John Granrath found and turned in a cell phone which was lost by another student on 10/08/14
Wachter, Ben Foodservice Staff Ben played a key role in helping to defuse a situation in one of our food lines when a another student got upset. He stayed with the student and got him calmed down and eventually encouraged him to eat his lunch. Ben was very helpful encouraging the other students to continue going through the food line in their usual manner.
Dahir, Mohammad Byrne, Cynthia Mo Dahir recognized for SUPERIOR service, commitment and participation as one of the BEST Physical Education Department Aides ever! Mrs. Byrne 3B PE 9 semester 1 2014-15.
Neitman, Devyn Retzlaff, Shar Student is always willing to assist other students within classroom, has helped out a student who is crutches – always moving desks for him – carrying his bookbag, etc., and he has approached me in the halls and asked to carry some of my “stuff” as I’m on my way to meetings and/or classes.
Does this with extreme respect for others, as well as a HUGE smile while offering and performing his “service.” Sweet and kind individual.
Kopf, Christy Doucette, Erin Christy is always prepared for class and is a positive, active participant who takes her work seriously. She’s doing an outstanding job in Multicultural Literature.


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