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CommonAreaWith a new school year have come drastic changes to the school.  There are the new classrooms, an entirely new third floor, and of course, the new furniture.  Students and teachers alike need time to adapt to these changes.  As the school’s population begins to explore the new facilities, there have already been both positive and negative reactions.

Both the students and teachers involved in the music department have nothing but positive things to say about the new rooms and, of course, the auditorium.  The Saber Center will create an enhanced experience for concerts and future performances offered.

As for the design of the new classrooms, many students enjoy the windows, which make classrooms feel much more open, and less like a small enclosed space.  Although the windows in between some classrooms first seemed to be a negative, they do help create an openness, and are far less distracting than expected.  Also, an added bonus has been found, in that with the absence of whiteboards in the math rooms, the window walls prove an adequate substitute.  However, the fact that teachers cannot yet put their own things on the walls, or have whiteboards at this point, makes each room seem a bit more impersonal, and difficult to function in.

The lack of materials has been another issue, although that is supposed to be fixed later on in the year.  Few of the new classrooms have Smart Boards or even whiteboards, which is a major difficulty when teachers want to show examples to help students fully understand each topic.  This, hopefully, will not be a problem for too long, and will eventually be cleared up.

The new furniture is also a surprising and frequently discussed topic.  For the most part, the movable desks have been extremely useful in group work and class time.  Although some students prefer more stationary desks, others enjoy the freedom of movement.  Teachers generally have had successful results, as well, as the ease of movement allows for more discussion and interaction.  The only chairs that have developed some controversy are the cafe chairs, or the ‘pizza desks’, as they have been dubbed.  They are only mainly accessible for right-handed individuals, and have extremely limited desk-space.  They are comfortable to sit in, though.

However, there are a few negative comments on the school as a whole.  One student said that they thought more should have been done to the older section, as many parts of the old building were left unchanged. “The changes will probably end up being for the best, but the transition period is going to be difficult for everyone.”  This seems to be true for some, who find it difficult to adapt to the school’s new design.

However, it appears after students and teachers alike have had more time to adapt and explore the new features of the school, the new school will likely be a beneficial and exciting learning environment.

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