You Know You’re A High School Student When….


-You were allowed to carry purses and bags (NO STRING BACKPACKS!)

-The Green Room was more spacious

– The administration changed THREE times (Remember Mr. Cady, Mr. Reinke, and Mr. Budish?)

-You were able to enjoy “normal” sized proportions during lunch

– Cookies were 75 cents!

– You’re shaking your head at the new grading system being implemented eventually

– You endure all of the construction, but enjoy none of the improvements

-You cried every day while filling out college applications and scholarships

– Senioritis has fully kicked in

– You knew Ms. Petric before Mrs. Unertl

– You won the Spirit Stick for the year when Sophomores

– Your class has MANY athletes pursuing sports in college

-Your football team is made up mostly of your grade and make it to STATE for the first time in Division 1

– You are excited for college and ready to leave FHS… but want to stay forever at the same time.


-You have always been able to carry string backpacks and came the year they were first allowed

-You are up to your eyes in college letters, emails, and notifications and are about to start the grueling process of applying to college

-You have been studying for ACT and/or SAT, and will probably be taking it more than once…which means more studying…hooray…

-You cannot wait for the seniors to leave so you can finally start playing the ‘I’m a senior’ card

-You have been experiencing symptoms of pre-senioritis (like not caring if your homework gets in on time and spending more time on social media)

-You are freaking out about your grades because they are the last grades that will be put on your transcript before applying to college

-You are beginning to think more about your college major, where to go to college, and your future

– The chances of you getting a parking pass are higher

– You are watching the school you knew as underclassmen being taken apart and being recreated into a bigger and better school.


-You start to think about taking the ACT and SAT.

-You start learning to drive.

-You’ve seen the old school last year and are ready to see the renovated school(or something to this effect).

-You nearly die of fear in preparation for your first AP exam.

-You struggle against the temptation to bury yourself in weighted courses for Junior year.

-You begin to realize that you have two years left.

-You see freshmen start to leave when the 5 minute bell rings and begin to remember when that was you last year

-You begin to start thinking of what you want to do with your life after high school

-You begin to think about Junior Prom

-You begin to panic about how important next year’s grades will be for your transcript

-You begin to hear rumors on how bad Pre-Calc is and begin to start panicking for next school year

-You already know what teachers your younger siblings need to have

-You go to reschedule your courses for Jr. Year and realize that you’ve already taken most of the classes you like.

-You think you are better than the “Freshies” which is the lamest possible way to say freshmen


-You know absolutely nothing


3 thoughts on “You Know You’re A High School Student When….

  • June 5, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    HEY?!?! Im a freshman and i happen to know a lot for my age):

  • June 6, 2014 at 9:07 AM

    Wow, these are perfect it describes my junior year perfectly (:

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