Okay, so I’m done with APs… What now?

gradesOkay,  so I’m done with APs… What now?

Well, I hate to break it to you,  but you’re not done just yet. Enjoy all that time you have in your AP classes now that you’re the curriculum is over,  but always keep in mind that you still have semester exams to take in your non AP classes. Also remember that, unlike the AP exams,  the semester exams actually count towards your grade.

Unfortunately, for semester exams there really aren’t any books that you can buy to study outside of the class textbook. Here,  your notes and assignments are your friends. Just hope that you took good notes this year, or it all might have no positive effect whatsoever.

Those of you or there who don’t have any exams or APs, the tray of us are incredibly jealous of you. However,  you should really try to juggle your schedule as much as you can to take some next year. Really,  colleges love to see students take AP courses. It’s a bit more work,  but it can be very rewarding in the long run.

Well then, how do I survive the rest of the school year?

Hahahahahaha. *Sigh…You don’t. For the remainder of the school year you will be as dead as a doorknob, performing duties almost robotically and merely keeping your consciousness dormant until Summer vacations starts in…what, 9 days now? Have fun!

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