The Saber UPROAR 5/21

Every week, UPROAR students will be posted on the Saber Slate.  Students are nominated by their teachers due to their hard work in and out of class.   Check out the latest Saber Roar to see Emily and Jennifer get recognized for being model FHS students at:


Hinkel, Jennifer Dickmann, Amy Jennifer has consistently improved her performance in AP Bio over the course of the year through hard work and effort. She has gained confidence and seems to be peaking just in time for the AP Bio exam!
Pelkey, Melissa Dickmann, Amy Melissa has been one of the most outstanding students all year in AP Bio. Her sheer knowledge and ability to understand and explain difficult concepts to other students impress me every day. She always tries hard to get beyond the basics to a deeper level of understanding. In addition, she is a fun, unique person who is kind to and helps others!
Jardas, Olivia Dickmann, Amy Olivia has been really working hard lately preparing for the AP Bio exam! She has been very thorough and great at asking questions to further her understanding so she can be successful.
Schauer, Lana Dickmann, Amy Lana has been a consistently hard worker all year and has not slacked off as the end of her senior year approaches. She still maintains her steady, thorough approach to preparing for class every day and takes advantage of every opportunity she can to improve.
Ramos, Iridian Snead, Tracy Iridian has been juggling many things in her life but has always worked hard, kept a positive attitude and has been a role model for many. Thanks Iridian
Schell, Zach Snead, Tracy Zach is working on recreating himself. He has been working hard academically and working on finding out what path will be next once he graduates. Way to have some goals Zach.
Biggs, Emily Snead, Tracy Emily has been doing an excellent job on her academic work. She has shared many interesting things in class and is just an all around nice person. Thanks Emily for being who you are.

Erin Neuhengen

Planning to major in Media Communications at Marquette University next year, Erin looks forward to helping The Saber Slate transition to a website smoothly in the 2013-14 school year. Over the summer, Erin was sent to UW Whitewater for the Kettle Moraine Press Associations Summer Workshop, learning about branding a website using social media. She looks forward to sharing her learning experiences with Franklin High School. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Saber Slate, contact her at

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