Spicing up the Lunch Menu with Buffalo Chicken Tenders.

20131020-180951.jpgThe new lunch item, Buffalo Chicken Tenders, has recently begun to spice up the FHS lunch menu as the school year draws to a close. The school has been offering a lot more lunch choices lately, one of which, is Buffalo Chicken Tenders. These new lunchroom items are selected from a list the lunch ladies get from their boss. Their goal is to provide healthy options for students that still taste great!

But what exactly are Buffalo Chicken Tenders? Well as one of the fellow lunch ladies, Sue Jerominski explains, “They are basically cut up pieces of spicy chicken on a bun.”

These unique new lunch item come frozen with a spicy Buffalo seasoning already pre made on them. This is very convenient for the lunch staff to quickly pop the chicken tenders on a tray in the morning and send them to the oven to be ready for the three lunches that lie ahead of them.

So far it seems that the Buffalo Chicken Tenders are gaining respect and popularity. They already meet the “standard” amount of meals sold and soon could increase to one of the more popular lunch items due to the spiciness. However, nothing can top Domino’s Pizza, with 1,000 lunches sold on any one day. This by far is the favorite of FHS.

Buffalo Chicken Tenders seem to be a popular lunch option and will remain on the lunch menu. Although the frequency of the item may differ, it is projected to be served at least once a month, which will meet the demand.

Word through the halls of FHS have all had good feedback of the new lunch item. Many individuals love the spiciness that ordinary Chicken Tenders can’t compete with. All in all, this lunch change was just in time. The school needed a little spice to the otherwise boring school day and luckily Buffalo Chicken Tenders came to the rescue!

If you have any suggestions for future lunches, please leave them in the comments section below.

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