The Saber UPROAR 4/22/2014

Every week, UPROAR students will be posted on the Saber Slate.  Students are nominated by their teachers due to their hard work in and out of class.   Check out the latest Saber Roar to see Raven and Kara get recognized for being model FHS students at:



Hanke, Kara Dennis, Lisa Kara is an enormous asset to my 1st period Honors/Pre-Ap American Literature class. She is inquisitive, motivated, detail oriented, and kind. I can always count on her insights to help clarify and propel the class forward and she goes that extra mile to help other students in the class without my even asking. I am very proud of the work she has done and sincerely appreciate the positive attitude with which she does that work. Yay, Kara!
Niemeic, Andrew Doucette, Jim Andrew is an excellent student and an even better human being. He is extremely hard working and intelligent individual and one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met.
Caldwell, Shannon Gould, Richard Shannon consistenly puts forth a high level of effort into everything she does. She seeks help when needed and offers her own help to others freely. She possesses a high degree of mastery in academic writing and has prepared herself for college well. Finally, she does all this with a sparkling attitude and a ready smile.
Campbell, Brandon Krysiak He is a scholar and a gentleman. He comes to class everyday prepared with a positive attitude and completed HW. Moreover, he is a cognitive tutor ninja, slicing his way through Module 3.
Miller,Raven Petrie-Boehm,Cheryl When Raven noticed a fellow student who was not feeling. Raven took action and escorted her to me and explained the situation.


Erin Neuhengen

Planning to major in Media Communications at Marquette University next year, Erin looks forward to helping The Saber Slate transition to a website smoothly in the 2013-14 school year. Over the summer, Erin was sent to UW Whitewater for the Kettle Moraine Press Associations Summer Workshop, learning about branding a website using social media. She looks forward to sharing her learning experiences with Franklin High School. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Saber Slate, contact her at

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