Review of Legally Blonde: the Musical

*Review based on the Friday, April 4 show

Called “the best FHS musical yet,” and “Absolutely wonderful,” by a multitude of its viewers, Legally Blonde was one of the most well-executed and entertaining theater productions that has been performed by our high school.

With four nearly three-hour shows running from April 3-5, (two shows on Saturday), the amount of time and effort put into the production was massive: something that was evident in the performance. From beginning to end, both the musicians and cast of the musical gave life and energy to the story of Elle Woods (played by Olivia Burns) and her journey of self-fulfillment. The story begins when Elle, after getting dumped by her boyfriend Warner, decides to join him at Harvard Law and convince him to take her back. As the year progresses, Elle becomes more and more interested by the legal system, and eventually gets accepted into her Professor’s relatively exclusive  and highly distinguished internship offer. After winning a number of cases, Elle gains the respect of many others and respect for herself and proves herself to be a more than competent lawyer. The musical ends with a fast-forward to Elle’s graduation speech as valedictorian, and a proposal to her close friend, Emmett, who accepts.

In all honesty, there are no criticisms for this musical. Any errors were either trivial or unnoticeable and were simply caused by the fact that some of the equipment available to the school was not the best: a factor that no one involved had much control over. The stamina of the pit orchestra and singers was especially impressive: maintaining that degree of composure for three hours while also maintaining their sound quality is an incredibly difficult task to say the least (which once again reflects the dedication of the people involved). Legally Blonde: the Musical was just well-done, with not much else to say. Some special highlights of the musical included Olivia Jardas’s performance of Ireland as Paulette, which was sung beautifully and contained a great deal of humor, the entire opening, Omigod You Guys, which more than sufficiently accomplished the task of impressing and entertaining the audience as a first impression of the rest of the musical. Also, Olivia Burns’s interpretation of Elle’s character as well as her singing throughout the night deserve special praise indeed. As the lead role, she was heavily involved with nearly every scene of the musical, and sang with admirable attitude and zeal. Another notable part of the performance was the one that brought the most laughs, screams, and cheers from the audience: Sean Luangpraseuth’s sequence across the stage as the UPS guy. Those few seconds were some of the most hilarious and sensual of the musical. A special congratulations to the aforementioned cast members, as well as a shout-out to the pit orchestra and stage crew, who both did their jobs in a very professional and appealing manner.

Bravo, to everyone involved with the 2014 FHS musical, Legally Blonde. Bravo.

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