The Saber Uproar 4/8/14

Every week, UPROAR students will be posted on the Saber Slate.  Students are nominated by their teachers due to their hard work in and out of class.   Check out the latest Saber Roar to see Timmy and Nayda get recognized for being model FHS students at:


Chang. Christopher Cowell, Amy Chris had an awesome week this week as far as completing work. During resource, he worked on Cognitive Tutor the entire time. He completed work for social studies and English assignments with Ms. Zeka during intervention and he completed a unit with me during intervention.Chris went from failing all of his classes to only failing one. If he continues with the work ethic he had this week, he could be passing all of his classes. Note: the courses he is passing is all B’s and C’s! Way to go Chris! Ms.Zeka and I are very proud of you!
Santiago, Cristian Byrne, Cynthia Cristian serves as my TA in the 4B Lifeguard Training class. This is a tough semester due to the pool reconstruction. We needed to be flexible in how the course is taught to accommodate all the construction. Cristian is an excellent teaching assistant constantly giving his fellow peers constructive and timely feedback on their guarding skills. He says he wants to go into education someday – his personality and demeanor are a perfect fit! Thank you Cristian for all you do!
Emanualson, Timmy Cowell, Amy Timmy has been studying very hard during intervention and has improved greatly on homework completion. Due to his hard work, he passed his last quiz. He still has work to do in order to bring his grade up to passing but he is moving in the right direction. Keep it up, Timmy!
Johnson, Mantese Cowel, Amy Mantese has improved his study habits tremendously! He had yet to pass an assessment all year and passed his last two tests! Your hard work is paying off!Keep up the great work, Mantese!
Lengel, Megan Cowell, Amy Megan has improved her homework completion and her study habits tremendously the last few weeks. She has all of her assignments in the last 2 units and has passed her last 2 assessments. She earned an A- on her last test! Way to go, Megan!!
Roush, Nadya Mueller, Annette While in the cafeteria asking people to sign our Spread the Word to End the Word banner,(the timing was perfect) I noticed a young lady eating lunch with one of my students. I hadn’t seen her before. This particular student of mine usually eats alone and in fact spends a lot of time alone. When she came up to sign our banner I asked how she knew my student and she replied “I am new to FHS this semester and I saw him eating alone all of the time and I know I don’t like to sit alone, so I started sitting with him.” I was so pleased to hear that even though she was new to our school, she wasn’t worried about what people might think of her, but was more concerned with someone else.
Jaber, Kevin (Mahdi) Brown, Laurie Kevin and another student found a wallet on the floor and turned it in to me. It contained $50!
Matovich, Alex Brown, Laurie Alex and another student found a wallet on the floor and turned it in to me. It contained $50!

Erin Neuhengen

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