Badminton Extreme Rave Tournament (#BERT) Review

badminton-2_v_Variation_6-300x100Hosted as a fundraiser for NHS, the Badminton Extreme Rave Tournament took place on Saturday March 1st from 7-11 pm in the gym. It was a night filled with fun where you could play badminton to your heart’s content.

The gym was decorated with bright neon lights, along with a few black lights, and the music was upbeat and exciting. A total of 8 badminton courts were set up, each with 4 or 5 teams playing against each other. After this first ‘warm-up’ round, brackets were soon set up and team by team were eliminated. The tournament was very fun and exciting to play in and raised a lot of money for NHS. It was a new and unique way to spend a Saturday night with friends.  This tournament had a big turn-out  and was very successful.

Out of 48 teams, one came out on top winning #BERT, and 2 gift cards to Yo Momma’s. Congratulations to Ryan Ninko and Nick Pescheck for winning the Badminton Extreme Rave Tournament.

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