Is Cafeteria Resource a Privilege, or a Prison?

20131204-080118.jpgHaving resource in the cafeteria is supposed to be a privilege rewarded to upperclassmen who have proved themselves throughout their years by getting good grades and having a high enough GPA to earn this.  But with the announcement of new rules to be in effect limiting them, these students are now being punished instead, without actually doing anything wrong.  Many of the rules are either ridiculous or illogical, and are going to be deemed useless as they will be quite difficult to enforce.  For example:

a.       All cafeteria resource students must arrive at the cafeteria by 7:10 a.m.  Any student who arrives after that time will be sent to the attendance office for a tardy slip. Makes sense, right, since that’s the same time everyone else must be in their resource? This rule would make sense if the staff member assigned were always on time.  Anyone who’s ever needed to leave the cafeteria to attend a meeting or seek help from a teacher has been victim to standing by their tables, itching to leave, while waiting and waiting for someone to come so that they can sign themselves out.

b.      Students who are not enrolled in cafeteria resource are NOT allowed in the cafeteria at any time during the resource period. These students will be sent away. Alright, I can understand that.  We all know that a lot of kids leave whatever resource they’re assigned to in order to come to the cafeteria and hang out with their friends, and don’t get caught.  But creating this rule also means that any student that needs to see one of the teachers or counselors in the cafeteria during resource can no longer do so.  Instead they’re being punished for the abuses of others, which is wholly unfair.

c.       Cafeteria resource students who leave to see another teacher during resource, will not be allowed back in the cafeteria that day. They will need to stay with the teacher they are going to see. How is this rule beneficial to anyone in any way whatsoever? If you only need to see a teacher briefly, you should be able to go back to resource and finish your other work once you’ve received the help you’ve needed.  Many resources of popular teachers become crowded with kids needing help, but instead you’re forced to remain there no matter what.  This is completely illogical.

Students with cafeteria resource will have to wait and see how these rules play out.  Many are already predicting, most likely accurately, that they will be impossible to enforce due to the lack of staff present in the cafeteria, compared to the large number of students.  But if these rules actually do go into effect, they will undoubtedly anger many of the schools high-performing students, who do not deserve this unwarranted punishment.

2 thoughts on “Is Cafeteria Resource a Privilege, or a Prison?

  • March 24, 2014 at 8:25 AM

    Glad to see the SaberSlate talking about some school issues that need to be discussed. I understand the administration’s need to solve problems, but the changes being instituted simply do not seem to make sense. Hopefully the administration will take the concerns presented here seriously.

  • March 26, 2014 at 7:46 AM

    Some of these rules are just getting ridiculous. I went to the library, finished all my work, asked to go get something else to work on and go back to the cafeteria, and was denied. I was left sitting on my phone for 20 minutes while I still could have been working on something more productive. Something needs to change.

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