The Saber UPROAR 3/4/14

Every week, UPROAR students will be posted on the Saber Slate.  Students are nominated by their teachers due to their hard work in and out of class.   Check out the latest Saber Roar to see Joseph and Julianna get recognized for being model FHS students at:


Krahn, Joseph Kaher, Jessica During class, Joe saw that a student may have been uncomfortable when asked to answer a question/participate and without prompting, Joe stepped up and volunteered to answer the question/read aloud.
Parker, Abby Mercier, Stacey Abby is an excellent role model, very positive and always willing to help out…even if she doesn’t have time-she will make time!
Scheel, Naomi Mercier, Stacey Naomi is a strong leader in the classroom. Her work ethics are outstanding. She is motivated to do her best and always looks at challenges in a positive way.
Schneider Hayley Hayley does an exceptional job in all of her classes. She is willing to help out students who need extra help in special education classes . She is always responsible for her own learning and willing to ask questions in class or in a situation.She is an exceptional young ladyl…
Hall Colt Colt is in my resource and comes into class every morning with a positive attitude. He also sees that there may need something that needs to be cleaned or organized and he takes it upon himself to do it without being asked. He is a hard worker in all of his classes and is always wanting to go above and beyond to do his best! Colt is an all around great young man who is kind and considerate to other students and is always willing to help out other people!
Ebert-Petz,Benjamin Cowell, Amy Ben’s attitude and work ethic in both math class and intervention has improved dramatically. Ben has improved his homework completion, Cognitive Tutor participation and his assessment scores throughout the school year. I am really proud of the gains he has made as a student. Keep up the hard work Ben!
Conner, Trenton Cowell,Amy Trenton’s attitude and work ethic has improved this semester in both IM9 and intervention block. He seems motivated to do well. He is asking good questions and not giving up as frequently as before. Math is not an easy subject for him but he is persevering through it. I am excited to see what he is capable of should he continue this path!Keep it up Trenton!
Bowe, Kristin Belan, Bob
Kristin has done an outstanding job in regular psychology. She is always answering questions in class and is one of the main leaders during group discussions. Last semester, she went out of her way to assist with the AP Psychology display case.
Walsh, Sara Belan, Bob Always brings a positive attitude to class everyday. Works well with others and gives her best effort. When a activity is assigned during class she always takes ownership of it and stays on task. Willing to help others during group oriented activities.
Frank, Josh Belan, Bob
Leadership in AP Psychology comes to mind with Josh. Takes control of a small group activity and makes sure his other group members work at his level. Always positive on a daily basis and he always asks questions to further his knowledge with the subject content or material that is being discussed.
Huron, Holland Belan, Bob
Pleasant, high character, and highly motivated. Holland always has a smile on her face and she has the ability to work well with others during every class. Other students want to work with her because she is always positive. Group work in class is her main strength.
Warden, Scot Snead, Tracy Scot has worked very hard to complete a ton of work over the last few weeks despite obstacles. Way to go Scot!!! Mrs. Snead
Eric Phipps Douglas Johnson Eric is an Engineering Aide and the students love him. He is patient, knowledgeable and passionate about helping students learn in our Introduction to Auto-Cad Class. He is self-motivated and a rock star assistant in the classroom! Eric has always gone above and beyond in all of his classes and I just wanted to say I am proud of him and thankful.
Tarantino, Dominic Snead, Tracy Dominic has developed great insight and has been working hard in school to earn his credits. He has greatly improved overall. Way to go Dominic!!!
Rogge, Julianna Klein, Casey Julie has shown a significant difference in her attitude and drive this semester. She has completed 100% of her work and excelled in math. She works very hard and helps the other students around her. With her dedication towards her studies, I think it’s more than possible for her to earn an A this semester!


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