The Saber UPROAR 2/25/14

Every week, UPROAR students will be posted on the Saber Slate.  Students are nominated by their teachers due to their hard work in and out of class.   Check out the latest Saber Roar to see Bailey and Vayda get recognized for being model FHS students at:


Kirk-Sprewer, Latron Dickmann, Amy Latron has started off the second semester on a very positive note! He has been coming in for extra help and working hard to prepare for class and for assessments.
Menke, Bailey Belan, Bob Bailey brings a positive attitude to class on a regular basis and she is always respectful toward others.
Bowe, Kristin Belan, Bob Kristin has gone above and beyond with her positive attitude and participation in class. Great attitude toward learning.
Willert, Caleb Johnsen, Sara Caleb finished first semester with a 99%. He was a great leader in his group on the semester assessment project. He is currently ahead in the computer program we are working on. Always willing to help his group and is starting semester 2 off with an A! Keep up the good work!
Nielsen, Ian Schindel Ian Nielsen works very hard in Physics, he is very motivated in class and is a positive lab partner with many different types of students. His positive attitude is always uplifting to classmates.
Zblewski, Andi Schindel Andi came up with a new way to look at our Momentum problems that is helping others understand Advanced Physics math even in the conceptual physics class that doesn’t do much math! Ms. Schindel is going to use Andi’s method in the future to teach others how to see the patterns that occur in collision problems we have in our class!
Kosalos, Rebecca Schindel Rebecca was exceptional in our Physics activity today. She understood the lab very quickly put showed patients and understanding when her partner had questions and helped to explain it to others.
Demopoulos Caterina Caterina was an excellent friend and role model to a younger student. This student was having difficulty and she stepped in without being asked to help soothe and comfort her. She truly showed great skills at listening and caring towards others.
Ramos, Iridian Snead, Tracy Iridian demonstrated excellent skills helping another classmate out that was having difficulty. Iridian demonstrated great listnening and caring skills.
Herrera, Vayda Snead, Tracy Vayda has been working really hard on her anger management and it is paying off. She has made good choices when others are trying to hurt her feelings.

Erin Neuhengen

Planning to major in Media Communications at Marquette University next year, Erin looks forward to helping The Saber Slate transition to a website smoothly in the 2013-14 school year. Over the summer, Erin was sent to UW Whitewater for the Kettle Moraine Press Associations Summer Workshop, learning about branding a website using social media. She looks forward to sharing her learning experiences with Franklin High School. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Saber Slate, contact her at

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