Doing Time for the Cold Days

I am assuming most of you know there is a new “rule” in place at FHS. No, not school uniforms but the fact that from March 3rd and onward students are required to come in 10 minutes early to make up for the 4 “cold days” (Thanks Wisconsin).

What’s bothering some people is not the extra 10 minutes, but how the situation has been treated. It’s hard to accept that you are being deprived of 10 luxurious sleeping minutes in the morning (and we all know that in the morning 10 minutes is a lifetime) when your little brother/sister isn’t being forced to compensate time from the 4 cold days. Or the fact that your friend from another school district just had one day taken away from their spring break instead of having the time tortuously drawn out to remind us of how much we regret living in Wisconsin and what it has done to our lives (California’s looking real good at this point).

And then there’s the fact that this time is being added to resource. Really?! It would have been more effective to tell students to wake up 10 minutes earlier and study while they are laying in bed because most students don’t even get that much done/ do anything in resource anyway. Or perhaps this time should be added to first hour to compensate for the 7 minute announcements everyday.The fact is that this layout to make up lost time is neither practical nor desirable. Resource is not “instructional time”.  AP teachers are especially frustrated that this time isn’t being utilized for classroom use. Students at FHS aren’t even opposed to spending more time at school from now until June but better options would have been to 1) add the time to the end of day (which can not happen because of the bus schedule, but still sounds good) 2) Take away 1 day of break/ 2 half days 3) Alternate adding this time to each class. Which one of these would you have preferred? Or do you like what the plan is now?


2 thoughts on “Doing Time for the Cold Days

  • February 26, 2014 at 9:47 AM

    I agree with what you are saying. Personally, I would add the time to first hour to make up for the growing length of announcements. Announcements take a large portion of time from 1st hour and the additional time could help make up for the loss.

    • March 4, 2014 at 11:22 AM

      I agree

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