Saber UPROAR 2/18/14

Every week, UPROAR students will be posted on the Saber Slate.  Students are nominated by their teachers due to their hard work in and out of class.   Check out the latest Saber Roar to see Peter and Elizabeth get recognized for being model FHS students at:


Gulgowski, Peter Erlandson, Mark I have never had an aide who worked as hard as Peter did this semester. He knew how to follow directions, to ask questions when he did not understand something, and to concentrate on the task at hand. I will really miss his help next semester.
Thiry, Ben Guderyon, Margaret Ben has been a great participant as a freshman in a relatively quiet first hour. He helps his group without telling them answers, which is a great help to me and to his group. Ben is in a number of advanced classes, including two advanced sciences as a freshman. I hope he keeps up the great effort! Ben is looking at a fantastic future 🙂
Jenkins-Joshua, Destinie Carolan, Katie Destinie has consistently demonstrated responsible decision-making and a strong work ethic related to learning within the curriculum. Her positive attitude and perseverance contribute to her success. Way to go, Destinie!-Mrs. Carolan
Ciszewski, Claire Byrne, Cynthia Claire was my PE Lifeguard for the semester 1, 3B Lifeguard Training Class. This class did not have a Teaching Assistant assigned to it. Claire – when not guarding, did a terrific job in helping the students master their skills. I could not have taught the class with out her. Her maturity, commitment, and communication skills served her and my students well in 3B. She will be missed. I hope she continues to Lifeguard for the PE department during semester 2.
Neumann, Kate Thoen, Jessica Kate’s attitude for excellence in our class inspires others to learn. In class, she is an active participant in class discussions and during class activities. Kate is willing to put in the extra time to do what it takes to insure her comprehension of a topic and make corrections when needed. Outside of class, Kate always has a smile on her face and a positive demeanor making her a prime candidate for a SABER UPROAR!!!
Elizabeth Rybacki Luttig, Diane Lizzy had been absent prior to exams and did an outstanding job communicating with me and making things up.She pays attention to deadlines and respectfully communicates to solve problems.She did double the work this week!
Menke, Bailey Belan, Bob Positive attitude toward others on a everyday basic. High character and strong work habits. Always greets others with a smile and hello.
Khang, Elizabeth Cowell, Amy Elizabeth is such a hard worker. She is being released from intervention block because she no longer needs the additional support. She is a self-motivated learner who works above and beyond the work she is assigned in math. She enrollled in a math MOOC from UW-LaCrosse to keep her math skills sharp. When she finishes her math homework, she logs into this MOOC to push herself further!
Kopf, Christy Belan, Bob Great leader and role model for other students. Displays a positive attitude every block in class. Always willing to work with others.
Serra, Shaye Belan, Bob Comes from a great family who preaches hard work and being positive toward others. Always smiling and willing to work with others on a everyday basis.
Prevetti, Abby Belan, Bob Abby has a strong work ethic and if she ever gets frustrated she always comes back with something positive to say.

Erin Neuhengen

Planning to major in Media Communications at Marquette University next year, Erin looks forward to helping The Saber Slate transition to a website smoothly in the 2013-14 school year. Over the summer, Erin was sent to UW Whitewater for the Kettle Moraine Press Associations Summer Workshop, learning about branding a website using social media. She looks forward to sharing her learning experiences with Franklin High School. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Saber Slate, contact her at

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