February 5 UPROAR Students

Every week, UPROAR students will be posted on the Saber Slate.  Students are nominated by their teachers due to their hard work in and out of class.   Check out the latest Saber Roar to see Dan and Allie get recognized for being model FHS students at:



Student                   Teacher                                                          Comment

Xiong, Txoov Gehrke, Susan He has shown positive behaviors in class and encourages other to stay on task.
Schauer, Dan Schindel, Regina Dan is in my resource, he is always polite and acts responsibly. If I ever need a student to drop something off to another class he will happily help out. What a great freshman, exemplifies the ROAR mentality!
Fons, Allie Schindel, Regina Allie is my lab aide for science, she always goes above and beyond in helping to organize equipment, clean up labs or test out new lab equipment. She is a diamond in the rough in life, having such a positive attitude and overcoming adversity with little troubles.
Smith, Mitch Zomboracz, Lauren Mitch rose to the occasion to help a student who was having difficulty using interviewing equipment when this student was trying to interview me during resource. Mitch didn’t know the student but came over when he was that this student was having issues.
Lepkowski, Jourdan Wiedenhoeft, Robert Jourdan has been a consistently hard-working student all year. She has persevered through difficult parts of the semester. She is being nominated for putting in extra effort this morning by coming in before resource.
Benites, Paul Wiedenhoeft, Robert In the past week leading up to exams, Paul has put in much effort in Advanced Algebra the past few weeks. I am proud of his perseverance!
Smith, Elissa Wiedenhoeft, Robert Lisa has put together a great semester of work. She has been positive in the classroom and has been helpful to her peers. She is a role-model for her classmates and a quiet leader. I am very proud!
Fons, Allie Byrne, Cynthia Allie served as my Lifeguard Teaching Assistant in the semester 1, 4B Lifeguard Training Class. Her maturity, leadership and communication skills were exceptional! She helped me greatly in this very physical, labor-intensive class. Allie will serve as my Lifeguard for the semester 2 Lifeguard Training Class and I look forward to working with her again.
Calhoun, Gabriela Wiedenhoeft, Robert Gabi has been a helpful and positive student from day 1. She takes pride in her work but she also uses her gifts to help others, especially in math. During resource, she is often serves as another teacher in the room when all of her work is completed. During class, she takes initiative in engaging in whole-class discussion and leading small-group discussions. A complete joy to work with and will look forward to having her another semester!
Bang, Theodore Nettesheim, Kevin Teddy is an exceptional leader of the Academic Decathlon team, and more importantly is a leader through example in all of his courses as he carried an extremely difficult course load this semester–always with a smile.
Santiago, Cristian Byrne, Cynthia Cristian served as my Lifeguard for the semester 1, 4B Lifeguard Training class. His enthusiasm, ability to positively relate to the students and his professional work ethic were exceptional!
I look forward to working with him during my semester 2 Lifeguard Training Class.
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