The Super Bowl of Smarts

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“The Super Bowl of Smarts”

We use that phrase a lot down here. Its hard to imagine a robotics team, like us, is comparable to the Super Bowl, and while there is a surprising amount of running information and schlepping boxes around, there really is no direct athleticism in the team. However, the drive to succeed is universal. It isn’t impossible that willpower can apply to science professionalism instead of athletic perfection. If that’s true, and we like to hope it could be, then a robotics team might be comparable to some of the more athletic programs, and we’re going to keep pushing ahead with our sciencey things. We are FIRST robotics team, 2506, the Saber Robotics.

‘Robotics? What’s the point? They just get together at night and make a robot, right? I’m not really interested in robots!’ Well, its not really that ominous, but we’re not just a robotics team either. A robotics team only builds robots, since that is the focus they advertise in their name, but a FIRST team goes beyond just building robots to actually actively trying to help the community, as well as snagging any shiny tidbit of information that they can while doing it.

So, what are we? We are an organization of dedicated individuals looking to improve themselves and their community through the use of business savvy, science, technology, and occasionally mass volunteer style physical labor. We raise funds with the help of our gracious sponsors to progress with our ‘activities’ and ventures. Yes, we also build a robot every year, and have an exhausting, yet fun time doing it, and do a generally bang-up job, but we do so much more! It doesn’t matter that the one robot is all we think about for the six weeks of build season, where we all kind of disappear, only reappearing for Mountain Dew and Doritos runs. That’s only the six weeks, and FIRST is constant. It’s like asking a football player ‘So you pretty much just go out there and play a game every Friday?’ when he does so much more.

‘I get what the team does now. but how is robotics supposed to be competitive without other teams?’ Great question, mystery questioner. The FIRST robotics program is an international organization of over two thousand schools moving forward with technology and engineering. Its kind of a big deal. However, why would FIRST need to be explained by mere mortals like us when we can get Morgan Freeman to explain it for us?

Though we’ve seen the light of the future in science, we’ve yet to see the light of the stage. As a robotics team, we’ve been pretty secluded in the school, and even though we participate in a competitive and exciting program, we haven’t really promoted it much. Things don’t have to stay this way; we don’t have to be unknown, but we’ve never really tried to spread into the school. So here we are, and we certainly exist! There may come a day when its valuable to know there is a team of fifty or so engineers who meet often at this school, maybe… I’m just saying.

The first robotics website:

and here’s our website:

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  • January 9, 2014 at 11:09 AM

    Every year the robots amaze me.

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