The Rock Sports Complex: A New Kind of Snow Park

rock-logoIf you haven’t noticed the giant orange sign on 76th street where Crystal Ridge used to be, it may be about time you start to.  The Rock Sports Complex, which celebrated its grand opening this past summer, is taking over from the old ski lodge and is well on its way to becoming a hub of the Franklin community.  But just what is this new complex and, more importantly, what does it mean for winter sports enthusiasts this coming season?

This complex began development when new owners Zimmerman Ventures bought and began improving the old Crystal Ridge Ski Complex  in 2011, and has undergone a rapid evolution in the two years since.  Last season The Rock opened its doors temporarily, offering basic skiing, snowboarding and tubing facilities.  But this year, with the summer opening and a successful fall season under their belt, the complex is planning on taking things in a more innovative direction.

tubing_bannerOwners Mike and Joe Zimmerman recognized the limitations such a small hill as Crystal Ridge poses to creating a truly spectacular snow park, so they decided to take a different route.  Instead of the classic chair-lift-and-hill experience, The Rock is devoting itself to becoming a unique terrain park, complete with jumps, airbags and more.  The layout is loosely based off of other such parks around the country, but The Rock will make the concept all its own, being the one of the only parks of its kind in the Milwaukee area.  Continuing with the precedent it set with summer baseball programs, The Rock will establish itself as an exceptional training park as well.  The complex will offer a variety of training programs to help kids (young and old) get involved in a great sport without getting overwhelmed.

The Rock Sports Complex promises to be a staple in not just the Franklin community, but the entire Milwaukee area as well.  The complex continues to break new ground in recreational activity, and one can imagine that the best is yet to come.

The snow park is planning to open by December 13, weather permitting.  For more information visit

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