Student Spotlight: Meet Jake

picture student spotlightEver wonder what your classmates are really like? Well now you can! The Student Spotlight will feature students that are currently performing well in and outside of the classroom. For our first ever edition of the Student Spotlight we will get to know Jake, a senior who just came back from playing at Camp Randall, a place where most football players dream of playing.

Jake is currently a senior here at Franklin and is well-rounded being apart of numerous sports and activities. He is a captain on the Varsity Football team and also plays for Franklin’s Varsity Lacrosse Club. When he is not playing sports he also serves as the Co-Vice President of Key Club and is a member of NHS.

So to learn more about Jake I decided to ask some questions regarding what he is involved in and his life outside of school.

Mara: What is most rewarding about the sports and activities you are in?
Jake: “The most rewarding part of the sports and activities I participate in is when you see the group succeed.  All of the teams and clubs I am part of work hard to accomplish their goals, and their hard work pays off.  For example seeing our football team work together to play on the biggest stage in high school football this year was unforgettable.”
Mara: How long have you been playing football?
Jake: “I have been playing football since 4th grade, or 9 seasons.”
Mara: What is your favorite subject?
Jake: “My favorite subject would have to be engineering.  The Engineering and Technology classes that FHS has are some of the best in the State, and I really enjoy learning how the world works.”
Mara: What do you enjoy during doing your free time?
Jake:  “During my free time, I like to watch football, spend time with friends, and see some good movies.”
Mara: What has been your favorite thing about senior year so far?
Jake:  “My favorite thing about senior year so far has been getting the chance to play in Camp Randall with my teammates.  We worked hard all year to get there, and it was an unbelievable experience.”
Mara: What is your greatest accomplishment?
Jake: “I think my greatest accomplishment has been keeping my grades up while playing Varsity Sports.”
Mara: What is your favorite food?
Jake: “My favorite food is Steak and Mashed Potatoes, hands down the best thing to eat when you are hungry.”
Mara: What elementary school did you go to?
Jake:  “I went to Country Dale Elementary School.”
Mara: What kind of advice would you give your freshman self?
Jake: “If I could give myself advice as a freshman, I would tell myself to be true to your interests.  Even though you might be pressured to take AP or Honors classes that don’t interest you just so that  your transcript looks good, they will not benefit you.  In the end, if you take classes that are interesting to you, you will be more motivated to study and succeed in those classes.”
Mara: What was it like playing football at Camp Randall? 
Jake:  “When you step on the field at Camp Randall, you can feel the excitement and hype of the stadium itself.  The stadium is obviously much bigger than any other stadium I have ever played in, and a lot louder.  When the crowd is screaming, its hard to even hear yourself think.  Overall, Camp Randall is without a doubt one of the best environments for a football game in the Nation.  Shout-out to the fans, you guys were great all year.”

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