2013 FHS Climate Summit

20131126-141645.jpgThe Student Climate Summit, which took place on Wednesday, November 13 during first and second block, involved 47 students, counselors Mrs. Gilroy, Mrs. Reid, Mr. Decker, and Mrs. Weir, and School Psychiatrist Mrs. Dwyer. The meeting took place in the school library.
To start the meeting, the students (who were nominated by their teachers), gave brief introductions, stating their name, grade, extracurricular activities, and a fun fact. Afterwards, they were shown a video poem titled “To This Day” about the long-term effects of being bullied as a student.
At this point, the students began to collaborate with each other on what they thought the climate of the school was, and discussed the results of the school climate survey which all FHS students took earlier in the year. Next, participants were given three small slips of paper and were asked to write words that they had either heard spoken or had had spoken to them that were hurtful, derogatory, abusive, etc. All these words were tacked to a board, and some were read aloud. The paper was then removed, but the holes from the tacks were still there, symbolizing the scars that verbal abuse leaves behind. For reasons of personal security, none of the words written on the slips of paper will be mentioned in this article.
Following a short break of cookies and juice, students were split into groups of 9-10 and were told to rate the relationship qualities between students and teachers, teachers and teachers, students and faculty, etc. on a scale of one to ten. After this was done and discussed as a group, the students began to plan actions to take against negative school behavior. Among the suggested ideas were social networking, using the Saber Roar/Saber Slate, and reading some of the words written on the slips of paper to the entire school. These “action plans” were created with the aim of being both widespread and influential.
On Wednesday, November 20, students had the option of attending a staff meeting regarding the Climate summit for further discussion.
The 2013 FHS Climate Summit’s first meeting resulted in personalization of the topic of bullying to a number of students, as well as brainstorming of potential anti-bullying campaign ideas. Hopefully, in days to come, the school will see many of these ideas implemented into everyday life.

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  • December 3, 2013 at 12:59 PM

    It is great to see the school taking steps to fight bullying in kids daily environment.

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