2013 Fashion Show Review~Midnight in Paris

dsc_3564The Fashion Analysis and Fashion Merchandising and Marketing classes spent many hours putting together the 12 Annual Fashion Show. Students were in charge of advertising the show with posters to organizing the talent and stage lighting.  This year’s theme was Midnight in Paris, which included the romantic colors of  light pink, black and white. The stage for the fashion show contained a sparkling moon illuminating the models as they walked down the runway and the magnificent Eiffel Tower. Before the show even began, the Fashion Analysis students were in for a surprise when their teacher, Mrs. Champion, had Paul Mitchell do each model’s hair and makeup for the show!

After getting pampered by Paul Mitchell, the fashion students performed two shows, one during lunch and another at 7 pm on Thursday November, 21st. Both shows were a huge success and allowed times for both family and friends to enjoy the show.  The fashion show was split into four categories: Print, Girls’ Night Out, Rock, and Formal. The print scene had each model wear their choice of a pattern and or print material. Following was the Girls’ Night Out scene, which had no limits to what the different outfits girls could wear to hang out with friends are even party. Following Girls’ Night Out  was a Rock scene which gave the model’s a chance to show their wilder side. The last scene was Formal, which showed off the elegant dresses each girl was wearing. All of the clothes used in the show were clothes already existing in their closet!

Mrs. Champion, the teacher of both Fashion Classes, included that “the 12th annual Fashion Analysis fashion show ‘Midnight in Paris” had great reviews! The models looked very stylish on the runway. Paul Mitchell Academy did all their hair and make-up which gave the show a more professional appearance. In addition, the stage was beautifully decorated with an Eiffel Tower. All in all, the show was a great success!”

Overall the Fashion Show was a huge success and was very intriguing to watch! Good job girls! It will be a very hard one to top next year; if that’s even possible!


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  • December 3, 2013 at 1:01 PM

    Sorry to have missed this fabulous event. I’m sure the students put in hard work to make this event happen.

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