FHS Cookies- Future Changes?

20131126-083034.jpgWe all know that the cookies at lunch are one of the high points of everyone’s day so it makes sense that students are expressing concern for the well-being of this beloved snack. When asked about what they wanted information about one of the ideas was the price of the cookies. Many if not all students agree that $1 is just too high of a price for something that can be produced rather cheaply. If you buy 1 a day for a month the cost amounts to $20. At a grocery store you can normally buy about 70 cookies for $20 if you buy the pre-portioned 12 pack.

So what actually determines the price of these tasty treats? There is actually a simple answer to this question.The price of the cookie is calculated by the Food Service Director who factors in cost and labor. It’s current $1 price is congruent with the middle school’s (although they don’t  have the variety that we have). When the cost rose from 75¢ to $1 this was most likely because of the rising cost of food in the nation. However, this was the FHS cookie’s first price increase in its entire history. For the longest time it had been 75¢ which until January 2012 was the lowest and highest its ever been. But fear not, The lunch ladies have assured that new changes coming to school lunches next year will most likely not cause the price to rise again.

Despite its future static price changes to the actual product itself will occur. New regulations on school lunches require that no snack item can be over 200 calories. This means that the FHS lunch program will have to find a new cookie to satisfy this calorie restriction.  Hopefully, they will be just as good as they are now. They also could possibly have to cut out other items at the snack bar.The FHS cookie has had a rough past couple of years first with the price increase and now a future 360 change from what they currently are. But students unwavering love for the product will definitely allow it to make it through tough times.

Special thanks to FHS lunch lady Donna Lisiecki for the information.

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  • November 25, 2013 at 2:34 PM

    This is exactly the article we needed here at FHS

  • November 27, 2013 at 9:51 AM

    Changes like these are why I am glad to be graduating next year.

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