Scary Scholarships


“Hello there. I’d tell you my name, but you’d probably just censor it anyways. Oh, what the heck, my name’s *******. Anyway, like most families in the world, mine isn’t able to pay for college without some struggle and compromise, so to get around as much of that as possible, I’m thinking about going for all the scholarships I can, no matter how…’interesting’ they may be. Suggestions?”

Once again, my name is *******.

Well, *******, there’s a truly ASTOUNDING number of scholarships out there, some of which are quite interesting. Admittedly, they’re not the most academically relevant, but that’s one of the things that makes them accessible to a wider audience. Obviously, I can’t discuss them all, so I’ll only include the scholarships which stood out the most to me: the Tall Clubs International Student scholarship, the Stuttgart Arkansas Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest scholarship, the Common Knowledge scholarship, and the Stuck at Prom scholarship.

The Tall Clubs International Student scholarship and the Little People of America scholarship are exactly what their names imply. To apply for the Tall Clubs scholarship, you have to be  under 21 and over 6’2″ (males) or 5’10” (females). In addition, you need a local Tall Clubs member to sponsor you. The winner of this scholarship receives $1000. The nearest Tall Club to Franklin is located in Milwaukee. Why did I mention this one? Because it’s one that anyone who is tall enough can apply for, and there are a lot of tall people in our school who may be interested.

The Stuttgart Arkansas Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest takes a bit more skill, but is also open to all high school seniors. The competition actually takes place in Arkansas, so it’s a bit of a ways to go, but if you know how to use a duck call from hunting experience, bird watching, or pure randomness, this is something for you. The name of the scholarship is self-explanatory: the person with the most successful duck call wins. first place receives $2000, second place gets $1000, third gets $750, and fourth gets $500. Not one that many people at our school would go for, seeing as how it’s so far away, but it’s food for thought.

A truly interesting scholarship is the Common Knowledge scholarship. This Scholarship also has very few requirements, with no essay or GPA required. All high school students, undergraduate students, and graduate students can enter. Even parents can compete! Basically, after online registration, new quizzes appear each month in your account. The contents of these quizzes range from trivia regarding everything “common knowledge” to specific school subjects, books, movies, websites, etc. Scores are based on accuracy and time, and the winners of the quizzes receive between $250 and $2500, which can be used for any U.S. post-secondary school. This makes it a scholarship DEFINITELY worth checking out.

Last but not least is the Stuck at Prom scholarship from Duck brand tape. This competition is simple in essence, but requires a great deal of creativity and work ethic. In summary, couples attending prom must be high school students of 14 years or older and have to create dresses and suits made of duct tape. Then they must take photos of themselves wearing the clothes and submit the photos to the Duck tape website for judgment based on originality, workmanship, use of color, accessories, and use of duct tape. Perhaps some of the upperclassmen at Franklin remember Justin Weiss and Kelly Brandon’s attire at last year’s prom. Prizes are given to the top ten winners of the contest, with first place winners receiving $5000 each (two members in a couple) for both themselves and their school, second place winners receiving $3000, third place winners receiving $2000, and the members of the seven runner-up couples each receiving $500.

There are a lot more scholarships out there just as interesting and easily accessible as these that you can find with a few searches online. These were just the ones that I found to be the most interesting and non-food related. There were also many that were major-specific, so you and anyone else who is interested still have a lot of research to do. Happy hunting!

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